IDF Close To Overcoming Rafah Resistance, 750 Terrorists Eliminated In Current Offensive


JERUSALEM (VINnews) — The IDF declared that within a few days it will succeed in overcoming the Rafah brigade and completing the most intensive stage of the ground maneuvers in Gaza.

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162 Division has eliminated 750 terrorists in Rafah since the beginning of the operation there on 26 May. The IDf believes that thousands of other terrorists fled Rafah before the operation. Two Hamas battalions – the Tel Sultan and Shabura battalions are continuing to fight with IDF forces above ground, but they are close to breaking point.

The IDF will continue to maintain a large presence on the Philadelphi corridor in order to prevent smuggling and to locate and destroy terror tunnels leading from the Gaza strip to Egypt. It is estimated that this could take several months.

The next phase of fighting will not involve direct combat with terrorist brigades but rather maintaining control of the entire Gaza strip, coordinated strikes at remaining terrorist enclaves and locating and destroying the remaining terror tunnels in the region.

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