WATCH: Special ‘Birkas Cohanim’ on Rescued Hostage…Weeks After Parents Did the Same!


ISRAEL (VINnews) — Rabbi Zion Cohen, Chief Rabbi of the city of Or Yehuda, held a special Birkas Kohanim (Blessing of a Kohen) for Almog Meir Jan, who was miraculously rescued from captivity in Gaza.

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According to Arutz Sheva, Rabbi Cohen said: “On the Shabbat before Almog was freed, my daughter, a teacher at Beit Yaakov, said to me, ‘Almog is coming back.’ I said to her: ‘Since when do you know if he will come back or not?’ She told me: ‘I pray for the hostages every morning from the bottom of my heart and remember him.”

He added, “When Shabbat ended and we heard about [him being rescued], we couldn’t help but be overjoyed.”

After the blessing, Rabbi Cohen said, “This blessing is also for all the boys who will return to a good life and to peace.”

In an astonishing twist, Almog’s parents received the same blessing several weeks ago, just days before he was rescued.

As reported by Israeli media, on Lag B’Omer, Rabbi Shalom Dovber Handel, head of the Chabad yeshiva and Rabbi of the Beit Menachem Chabad community in Or Yehuda, gave a  ‘Kohen’s Blessing’ to the father and mother of hostage Almog. Tragically, Almog’s father passed away just one day before he was rescued.

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22 days ago

Wow!! Almog is really loved by Hashem!! May we only hear good news.Amen!

22 days ago

Tears of joy