LEAKED IDF MEMO: Drafting a Large Number of Charedim is Not Possible

Thousands of ultra-Orthodox jews attend a rally against the recruitment of Ultra orthodox Jews to the IDF, in the Ultra orthodox neighborhood of Mea Shearim, Jerusalem, June 30, 2024. Photo by Chaim Goldberg/Flash90 *** Local Caption *** גיוס חרדים חרדי הפגנה הפגנת החרדים נגד הגיוס זופניק אלפים מאה שערים

ISRAEL (VINnews) — A report by Israeli media says that according to the IDF, it is impossible to draft Charedim en masse, under the current conditions. Israel’s Kan news says that a leaked internal IDF memo has confirmed that drafting tens of thousands of Charedim is ‘neither possible nor practical.’ It was also noted that screening would required to enable the Charedi draft based on prioritization.

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The army explained that in the absence of a draft law and legal protection, working Charedi youth might receive precedence in the army’s prioritization structure.

In a related development, this week a large meeting was held by the Attorney General, to discuss how to interpret the Supreme Court ruling that mandates drafting Charedim.

At the meeting, the military proposed drafting Charedim through consent, marketing, and public engagement, with the goal of recruiting 4,800 enlistments through mostly voluntary means.

However Deputy AG Gil Limon argued that the IDF’s stance contradicts the court ruling, because it would not give the military enough control to meet the quotas set forth by the court, and pushed for a forced draft instead

AG Baharav-Miara put forth a compromise, saying that the August draft cycle will be a test run. She will allow drafting through marketing and engagement, in line with the IDF’s position. However, if the IDF does not meet the targets, it will be required to issue forced draft orders to Charedim.

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10 days ago

“She will allow”-are we in a dictature?

Educated Archy
Educated Archy
10 days ago

This is beyond insanity. The courts actually think it will ever be possible do draft forcefully? Dumb and dumber .