Rocket Impact in Golan Heights Kills Two Civilians


Nafah Junction, Golan Heights 🇮🇱 (VINnews)– 🕯Tragedy struck earlier this evening as a man and a woman lost their lives in a Hezbollah Terrorist rocket attack near the Nafah Junction in the Golan Heights. According to police reports, the rocket directly hit the vehicle they were traveling in.

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Rescue services confirmed that the pair were civilians who happened to be passing by the junction during a barrage of approximately 40 rockets launched by the Hezbollah terror group. Hezbollah claims that the attack was aimed at a nearby army base.

Authorities are currently investigating the attack and providing support to the families of the victims. Further details will be provided as they become available.

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8 days ago

Nuuk Hisboalla fast and totally , what are you waiting for