WATCH: Antisemites throw rocks at Oakland Chabad for second time in month


OAKLAND (CARIN M. SMILK / JNS) The frustration is palpable in Rabbi Dovid Labkowski’s voice as he deals with yet another incident of vandalism at the Chabad Jewish Center of Oakland, Calif. After all, it is the second time in a month that someone threw a large rock at the glass windows and damaged them.

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Just after midnight on Saturday over the July Fourth holiday weekend, security cameras captured a man throwing an object that hit the front window, cracking it interiorly. The previous act of vandalism, also caught on video, occurred just before 11:30 p.m. on June 21, also a Saturday, and involved a piece of cement thrown at another window.

The impacts of rock on thick material are audible in videos of both instances. This most recent one caused an estimated $10,000 worth of damage, according to the rabbi.

“We just installed level 3 bullet-proof glass, five layers of polycarbonate,” he says. “We’re putting together a fund to help get this repaired.”

He’s also trying to get law enforcement more involved so this doesn’t happen again. To that end, the Oakland Police Department says it is investigating the incidents as hate crimes.

A rock cracked the protective windows of the Chabad Jewish Center of Oakland, Calif., on July 6, 2024. Credit: Courtesy of Rabbi Dovid Labkowski.

“We’ve put a lot of security measures in place, including a security guard during services, facial-recognition cameras. We have taken these measures because of what’s going on in the world right now and what’s going on in California, the crime,” states Labkowski, who has served the community since 2006.

The rabbi continues, saying that is “more worrisome than the glass; we can raise money to fix that. But in the long term, it’s going to take education. The community has to get together to dispel this hate, this intolerance. It’s become OK to be antisemitic in America.”

Back in December, the Chabad center made headlines for having its giant menorah at Lake Merritt in Oakland smashed in pieces by vandals, some of them thrown into the water. At the time, local police said it was investigating the act as a hate crime.

The city’s mayor, Sheng Thao, had helped light the shamash, or “helper candle,” the weekend before that incident on Dec. 13.

When he heard the news, as reported by Kron4 television, he said, “I am outraged by this desecration and act of vandalism. The Lake Merritt menorah is a long-standing and important symbol for Oakland’s Jewish community, and it breaks my heart that it was vandalized.”

Exasperation and disappointment aside, Labkowski says he looks to the future and the construction of a mikvah currently in the architectural design stages. He sends the message of light over darkness, of good prevailing—a common theme of the Chabad-Lubavitch movement.

He’s just asking for a little help to do so.

Anyone with information can call the Oakland Police Department Criminal Investigations Division at (510) 238-3951 or send photos or videos to: [email protected].

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7 days ago

Nearly two years ago, in my local community, I was at our Shacharis service, for the 6:45AM minyan. Our Shul is a very frum Shul, which evidently annoyed an antisemite who threw two large rocks at the windows, causing them to crack, but not shatter. This occurred, even with a cop being on duty. The local police department tried to write off the hate crime, as vandalism; however, I told them to get their heads out of a portion of their anatomy. I told them that years ago, at another Shul nearby, swastikas were painted on the outside walls of the Shul. The offender at our Shul was eventually caught. However, it was such a helpless and uneasy feeling to be davening, and to collectively, with other members be the recipient of such a hate crime.

Noble Member
7 days ago

Oakland is a crime ridden filth pit.