Daughter First Learned of Charedi Father’s Shocking Death from What’s App Group


ISRAEL (VINnews) — The daughter of a Charedi man who tragically lost his life in a horrific accident, posted a message saying that sadly, she first learned of her father’s death on Tuesday from a WhatsApp group.

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Chasia, the daughter of Yossi Oren z”l, was not informed about her own father’s shocking death in the proper way, as a result of insensitive people rushing to publish the tragedy on social media.

Mr. Oren, 73, was killed Tuesday after he fell into a manhole in Modi’in Illit while working. He was a father of 11 children, and a plumber who worked for decades in the town and was loved by all.

In an apparent attempt to fix a problem in the sewage pit, Yossi slipped inside and was badly injured, reportedly from toxic water and fumes. A 26-year-old man on scene with him also apparently fell in but was rescued in moderate condition from the sewage pit and taken to the Assaf Harofeh hospital for treatment.

A photo of Yossi and details of his death were sent to a messaging group for Charedi residents of Haifa. Chasia responded: “I’m Yossi Oren’s daughter and it’s sad that I’m supposed to learn (about his death) from irresponsible reporting.”

She explained that she wrote about it “so incidents like this won’t repeat themselves.”

It is known that this is a widespread ongoing problem, where messaging apps, statuses and other outlets and platforms are in a rush to “break stories” quickly, and are not sensitive enough to make sure that the family has been informed in the proper, compassionate manner.

Yossi’s family eulogized him: “He made his work temporary and his Torah study permanent, he loved the Torah and those who study it, he worked as a plumber in the city for decades and dealt with people faithfully as an honest and G-d fearing man.”

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Famed Member
7 days ago

This is so sad and is not the first time. When almost everyone has a “phone”, (which includes a camera & social media and messaging apps) and are constantly online, everyone has become a reporter with access to the world. There is no privacy or respect – especially when it comes to tragedies. I hope people start to learn to think more and have some compassion for others before sending “news” out to the public, even “just” on a small whatsapp group.

6 days ago

This isn’t news. It’s happened before.