Chabad Emissary Donates Kidney To Heart Specialist On 3 Tammuz: ‘Another Way Of Influencing The World’


NEW YORK (VINnews) — A Chabad emissary decided to do a very special good deed in memory of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, whose 30th yahrzeit fell on 3 Tammuz this year.

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Rabbi Yossi Zeidman, a 36-year-old father of seven, and a resident of Raleigh, North Carolina, donated a kidney in honor of the special day, writing that “an important part of my life is spreading spirituality and kindness to others.”

Zeidman, a teacher in a cheder in Morristown, NJ, spoke in a clip on Crown Heights Info about the great opportunity he had to help another Jew.

“This is another way of influencing the world, helping our long exile to reach its conclusion by bringing Moshiach closer,” Rabbi Zeidman said. “The third of Tamuz is the 30th anniversary of the Rebbe, but the task continues and the Rebbe’s influence grows exponentially around the world, inspiring people to continue in his ways.”

The recipient of the kidney is a retired cardiologist from New City, New York. As a doctor, he worked for many years at Columbia hospital in New York and helped many people. Yossi added that “Maybe the way of Hashem to repay him for all the good he did in his career is by giving him some life full of energy, vivacity and goodwill.”


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7 days ago

“Zeidman…a resident of Raleigh, North Carolina”, and then “Zeidman, a teacher in a cheder in Morristown, NJ”. Does he commute from NC to NJ daily? On Habad airways?

7 days ago

Beautiful that he acts on his inspiration in a meaningful way! Love it.
All u pathetic losers that look for negativity in others maybe go out and do something positive for someone else. You’ll b slightly less miserable.

6 days ago

sad how some totally miss the point.

Tzadikim inspire us to do good things.
Some ppl might work Xtra hard to learn Torah cuz they are inspired by R Akivas persistence to learn even when it was hard
Some ppl are inspired by Hilel hazaken to b Xtra patient….
Of course there are millions of examples of how great ppl inspire others.
Like it or not- Many thousands around the world are inspired by the Rebbe (and his extreme dedication to world Jewry) to increase in acts of goodness and kindness – physically and spiritually- to add more light to the world and bring people closer to Hashem. (u can kick and scream but it’s a fact)
This man is sharing one example of how the Rebbe inspired him to do something good for another Jew. BH.
Simple and sweet.
What are u doing to make the world a better place ? Hearing others good acts has a positive and ripple effect and is refreshing to hear. Please share.

7 days ago

It is really special to donate a kidney but if he did it to “influence the world” and spread the “influence of the Rebbe” he is sorely mistaken here regarding this influencing “the world”. I hope he didn’t donate his kidney because of the Rebbe…