IDF Soldier Falls In Gaza, 150 Terrorists Eliminated In Sejaiyah Offensive


    JERUSALEM (VINnews) — Sgt. First Class Tal Lahat, 21, a member of the Maglan commando unit from Kfar Saba, fell in battle in the central Gaza Strip, the IDF announced on Wednesday morning. Lahat was killed Tuesday by sniper fire during a battle at the UNRWA command centern in the center of the Gaza Strip

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    The IDF spokesman announced that Lahat was posthumously promoted from the rank of sergeant to lieutenant colonel. His funeral is scheduled for Wednesday at 5 p.m. in the Kfar Saba military cemetery.

    The municipality of Kfar Saba paid tribute to the fallen soldier. “Tal, son of Ran and Ronit, and brother of Jonathan, a graduate of the Gordon School, Shazar Division and Rabin High School in the city, was a smiling, sociable young man, who fought bravely and fiercely for the defense of the homeland with all of his soul.”

    “This morning broke with hard and unfortunate news, with the death of Sergeant Tal Lahat. I express my condolences and send hugs to the family. The municipality of Kfar Saba accompanies and supports the family members in their difficult time,” Kfar Saba Mayor Rafi Saar said.

    Tals’ mother Ronit described him as “a humanist as well as a soldier, sensitive and emotionally intelligent. At 18 he was certain that he would create movies and saw them as an important way to influence people and touch them. He made his first movie in 12th grade. I spoke with him Monday evening and then he said “We’re closing telephones” [meaning that they were going to battle], and I said “Watch yourself.”

    Tals’ father Ran said that his motto was “We are in Gaza to bring back the hostages” this motivated him all the time and gave meaning to the fighting and dangers in Gaza, it really spoke to them. He had a dream of being a movie producer, and even read books about this, it was clear this is what he would have done after the army.”

    Tal also fought on Oct. 7th in Nir Oz, liberating many people who were trapped in their homes due to the terrorist assault. Offered a refresher course by his officers, Tal refused to go if his friends were still fighting in Gaza, stating that his place was with them.

    Since the beginning of the war, 681 soldiers have fallen, including 325 in the ground operation in Gaza.

    During the past week, the Paratroopers Brigade, the 7th Brigade and the Yahalom Unit have been fighting both above and below ground in the Shijaiya area under the command of the 98th Division.

    The soldiers of the division engaged in close-quarters combat with terrorist cells and eliminated more than 150 terrorists, dismantled terrorist infrastructure and encountered and destroyed booby-trapped buildings and explosives. In addition, the soldiers located dozens of weapons and intelligence documents that the terrorists left behind.

    As a result of intelligence and engineering efforts, the soldiers located tunnel shafts and significant tunnel routes. In the division-level operation, six terror tunnels, about six kilometers long, were located and destroyed. Some of these were attack tunnels which reached adjacent to the Israeli border. The soldiers continue to examine and destroy the tunnels in the area.

    During the examination of the tunnels, the soldiers of the Yahalom Unit located underground tunnels consisting of a branched tunnel system. In some of the branches, terrorists’ hideouts and control and command centers were located. In one of the tunnels, weapons and intelligence documents were located.

    Before locating the six tunnels that were destroyed, troops also found the Islamic Jihad’s “flagship tunnel” in the neighborhood, spanning 2.5 kilometers (1.5 miles). This tunnel contained numerous command and control posts, allowing local terror battalion commanders – known for their strength and as a front-line force against Israel – to survive. The IDF believes that three more underground tunnels will be discovered in the Shijaiyah neighborhood in the coming days.

    The raid on the neighborhood began 12 days ago with a rapid ground and air assault on the local Hamas battalion headquarters. This headquarters had been rebuilt since the IDF completed its previous maneuver in Shijaiyah about six months ago. It was established in the western part of the neighborhood, deep within Gaza City, inside a shelter housing approximately 1,000 Gazans. Among them were 150 terrorists, most of whom fled upon the arrival of the forces.


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    7 days ago

    You can’t be promoted from sergeant to lieutenant colonel in one promotion there are four ranks in between.