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OU Kosher Has Created A Product Search Feature On Its Website

Providing more accessible information to kosher consumers and kosher manufacturers, OU Kosher has created a product search feature on its website,, listing all OU certified products. ...

Powerful earthquake rocks Japan

A powerful earthquake with a magnitude of 6.8 rocks northern Japan, triggering a tsunami alert.

Viznitz +Baby Struck+ Giber Road

Kiamesha Lake, Sullivan County, Viznitz +Baby Struck+ Child was struck by an auto on Rt-42 near the Bowling Alley close to Giber Road, Hatzolah on the scene canceling ALS and BLS that are not on the s...

Forest Hills, Queens, You May Not Need Coins for Parking Meters Anymore.

If you live in Bay Ridge, Forest Hills and the Upper West Side, you may not need coins for the parking meters Beginning today, the city is installing 1,100 new parking meters in this neighborhoods tha...

Surveillance Camera All Over The City of New York

To the dismay of civil libertarians and with the approval of law enforcement they've been multiplying at a dizzying rate all over Manhattan.

In Williamsburg Immigrant Woman Line Up for Day Labor

In Williamsburg, commuters on the busy Brooklyn-Queens Expressway are oblivious to the scene unfolding on an overpass above them of immigrant woman line up for day labor. The work at stake is $8-an-...

Kiryas Yoel, MonDroe, Teen Driver Clocked At 140 mph.

Police say a trooper clocked Solomon Feder, 18, of Kiryas Yoel, traveling "in excess of 95 mph" in a 2004 Lexus heading east on Route 17 in the Village of Chester at 6 a.m. yesterday. The trooper ch...

Kiryas Yoel MonDroe Cemetery Battle Becomes Legal Affair

Kiryas Yoel MonDroe -- A long-simmering dispute over which faction controls the cemetery where the revered founder of the Satmar Chasidic movement is buried has finally boiled over into court. One sid...

Palisade Parkway Advisory

Palisade Interstate Parkway Southbound +Traffic Advisory+ Right before the G.W.B. gas station at the Palisasd is shutdown due to a fallen tree blocking the entrence to gas station.

MonDroe +MVA Route 17+

MonDroe +MVA Route 17+ MVA with one aided on Route 17 Southbound near exit 130, KY Hatzolah requested to the scene.

Harriman/Woodbury +Power Outage+

Hariman/Woodbury +Power Outage+ Part oh Harriman, Highland Mills, Woodbury. Including parts of Route 6 is with out power, road to Home Depot closed down due to down wires in the arae, NYSP on the scen...

Flood Warning

Flash flood warning for NYC and Queens until 23:30, Heavy rain has been falling over the area.

B.Q.E. at L.I.E. +Traffic Advisory+

Queens, B.Q.E. at L.I.E. +Traffic Advisory+ Westbound L.I.E. and B.Q.E. MVA blocking one lane, PD on scene, expect delays.

Swan Lake +Route 55 MVA+

Swan Lake Sullivan County +Route 55 MVA+ MVA car went into woods at Route 55 near Daytop Hatzolah on the scene requesting 4 busses, all minor injuries.

Far Rockaway, Man On His Way Shabbos To Synagogue, Was Hold-Up And Shot.

Eliahu Frishman, 33, of Far Rockaway, was walking to synagogue with his young 7-year-old son Saturday when he was held up by a man 20-year-old wearing a bandanna over his face who demanded money and t...

FBI Probing Petitions Of Five Democratic Candidates For Brooklyn DA’s Office

The FBI is examining petitions filed by the five Democratic candidates in the race for Brooklyn district attorney, including incumbent Charles Hynes. Representatives for Hynes, declined to comment.

Woodbury +Rout 6 Traffic Alert+

Woodbury Orange County, +Rout 6 Traffic Alert+ MVA At the traffic circle, FD and EMS are on the scene operating with the jaws, requesting 2 ALS units with a rush, L/Z for Life Gyard-18 is set up near ...

Viznitz New-Village Hearing Slated

Negotiations for a new villiage, fell apart between the Town of Thompson and leaders of Viznitz Chasidic group that wants to form a village between Monticello and South Fallsburg on Gibber Road. Thomp...

Sullivan & Orange Counties +Weather Warning+

Sullivan & Orange Counties +Weather Warning+ Severe thunderstorm watch for Sullivan and Orange Counties until 20:15, thunderstorm capable of producing damaging winds in excess of 60 MPH. Also a to...

Kiryas Yoel, MonDroe +Drowning+

Kiryas Yoel, MonDroe +Drowning+ Hatzolah on the scene on CR-105 with a 8 year old child in cardiac arrest child not breathing 2nd to drowning in a pool, CPR in progress, on the way to Arden Hill Hospi...