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Just In Time Before All Those Holiday Meals

New York -- The OU Orthodox Union has announced Today the first kosher certification of a mainstream adult over-the-counter (OTC) medication, Maalox®, the popular heartburn remedy.Maalox® will begin c...

Brooklyn +Pedestrian Struck+

Brooklyn +Pedestrian Struck+ Hatzolah on the scene requesting a bus to a pedestrian that was struck by an auto on Coney Island Ave and Avenue I

Judge OK’s $25.5M Settlement In WWII Case

MIAMI -- A federal judge approved a $25.5 million settlement between the U.S. government and Hungarian Jews who lost treasures when a Nazi "Gold Train" was commandeered by the U.S. Army during World W...

Brooklyn Man Suspected In Planning Assassination Of Israeli Prime Minister.

Israel to deport a young Jewish man to the US suspected of planning to assassinate the Israeli Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon. Israel is set to deport the young man who lives on Montgomery St. in Crown ...

Williamsburg +Fire In A House+

Williamsburg +Fire In A House+ 477 Bedford Ave Fire in a house with some people trapped, Hatzolah on the scene, PD calling for ESU to respond. U/D: 17:01 As per Hatzolah commander on the scene, no on...

Borough Park +Car Accident+

Borough Park Brooklyn, +Car Accident+ An MVA with a child struck at 16th Ave and 60th St, Hatzolah on the scene requesting additional ALS units to respond and to put a rush on the bus.

FBI Release Report: Jihad Prevented in Los Angeles

LOS ANGELES, California -- According to an FBI affidavit unsealed recently, local police agencies uncovered an alleged plot while investigating a string of gas station robberies, that three men charge...

Washington — Police Arrest Anti-War Protester.

Police arrested Mrs.Sheehan during an anti-war protest in front of the White House.

Monroe, +Route 17 Accident+

Monroe, +Route 17 Accident+ Westbound of Route 17 an accident with a rollover at M/M 379 close to the NYSP Barracks, multiple injured FD/Rescue, with EMS BLS and ALS units all to the scene.

Jewish Cemetery Desecrated In Check Republic

A Jewish cemetery has been desecrated in the south of the Czech Republic, Swastikas were sprayed over seven tombstones at the Jewish cemetery in the village of Velky Pecin, 93 miles southeast of Pragu...

Wiiliamsburg +Shots Fired+

Wiiliamsburg +Shots Fired+ 228 South 1st St and Roebling, PD ESU are on the scene for a perp search, perp wanted for a burglary, PD requesting canine, aviation and blood hound for the lost perp, shots...

Manhattan +Suspicious Package+

Manhattan +Suspicious Package+ At West 10th St. and Weehawken Street a suspicious package that EMS is reporting of some explosives in the package.

B.Q.E. +Heavy Traffic+

Brooklyn, B.Q.E. +Heavy Traffic+ A disabled vehicle in the left lane on the B.Q.E. near Flushing Ave is causing heavy delays, Highway PD on the scene.

F.D.R. Drive Traffic Advisory

Northbound F.D.R. Drive at 116th St. a MVA on the roadway with heavy traffic delays.

Bear Mountain +Missing Persons+

Rockland County, Bear Mountain +Missing Persons+ Search is going on in the Bear Mountain State Park by multiple agencies including Kiryas Yoel, Monroe and 'Q' Hatzolah and also aviation for missing 64...

Kiryas Yoel, Monroe +Person Under Debris+

Kiryas Yoel, Monroe +Person Under Debris+ At the Matzah Bakery on 2 Dinev Ct in Kiryas Yoel, Monroe a large amount of debris fell on 3 people, the aided have serious injuries, Hatzola on the scene wit...

Time Switch Raises Concerns For Worshippers To Choose Between Prayer And Arriving Late To Work.

A new law would end daylight-saving time on the first Sunday in November instead of the last Sunday in October. It would start three weeks earlier, on the second Sunday in March rather than the first ...

Palisades Parkway Closed

Palisades Interstate Parkway southbound near the state line is closed due to the landing of Stat Flight Medivac for a MVA involving a motorcycle.

Southeast, NY, — To Forgive For The Rabbi Or Not To That Is The Question.

Southeast, NY, -- THE legal case of the Rabbi of Congregation Sons of Israel was closed on Sept. 14. The misdemeanor charges against him for possession of marijuana were dropped. For driving with abil...

+Hurricane Rita+

MIAMI Forecasters at the National Hurricane Center have downgraded Hurricane Rita to a Category 2 storm. And in Washington, FEMA says there are no reported deaths in connection with Hurricane Rita.