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NYC +The NYPD Steps Up Security On Subways+

NYC +The NYPD Steps Up Security On Subways+ Police in New York City are ratcheting up security on subways and trains because of a relatively specific, but uncorroborated, threat that 19 operatives hav...

Williamsburg +Level One Drill+

Williamsburg +Level One Drill+ PD calling for a level one mobilization drill at Clymer St and Kent Ave., Aviation to take part in the drill.

Brooklyn Bridge +Closed For Traffic+

Brooklyn Bridge +Closed For Traffic+ Due to an MVA the Brooklyn Bridge Manhattan bound is closed for traffic, Highway supervisor is enroute.

B.Q.E +Traffic Alert+

B.Q.E +Traffic Alert+ Westbound Brooklyn Queens Expressway at the L.I.E. an overturned vehicle with no pin, ESU responding to upright, Highway units are on the scene.

Rosh H’Ashonah Burglars Busted On Long Island

It was an unhappy start to the New Year for one Jewish school the Hebrew Academy of Long Beach on Long Island early yesterday during Rosh Hashanah, when three armed men broke in through a window and s...

Tashlich At The East River

NEW YORK, NY, October 04, 2005 — Jews from around the world celebrated Rosh Hashanah along with the ritual of Tashlich. The new year is commemorated with tossing bread crumbs into the water to cast aw...

FBI Rejected Sephardic Jews As Translators.

Despite a shortage of Arabic translators, the FBI turned down applications for linguist jobs from nearly 100 Arabic-speaking Jews in New York The FBI's New York office in October 2001 asked a local c...

Quebec High Court Overturns Historic Get Ruling

The Quebec Court of Appeal has overturned a precedent-setting order that a man pay damages to his ex-wife for withholding a get despite having signed an agreement to appear before a Montreal rabbinica...

Brooklyn +B.Q.E. Traffic Alert+

Brooklyn +B.Q.E. Traffic Alert+ A disabled tractor trailer is blocking lanes on the westbound B.Q.E. and the Flushing Ave exit, PD arriving now.

Town of Woodbury and Kiryas Yoel’s land issues

Woodbury -- Town officials have spent more than $430,000 so far on planning consultants and lawyers to develop a new comprehensive plan and contend with a host of land-use issues that have cropped up ...

West Boca, Florida — +Man Shot Outside Synagogue+

West Boca, Florida -- +Man Shot Outside Synagogue+ A 44-year-old man was shot twice outside a suburban Boca Raton synagogue during Rosh Hashanah afternoon prayer service on Tuesday by an alleged 79-ye...

Crown Heights Synagogue +Level One Mobilization+

Crown Heights, +Level One Mobilization+ PD called a level one mobilization yesterday in middle of the day on the first day of the holiday, at the synagogue in Crown Heights on Carroll St and Schenecta...

Queens +G.C.P. Traffic Advisory+

Queens +G.C.P. Traffic Advisory+ Delays through out the area of the westbound Grand Central Parkway and the B.Q.E. due to an MVA that's blocking the right lane, PD on the scene.

Borough Park +Bookshelf On Child+

Borough Park +Bookshelf On Child+ A bookshelf has collapsed and fell on top of a child in Borough Park at 1209 61st St between 12th and 13th Ave's, Hatzolah transporting the child to Maimonides Hospit...

Brooklyn +Bank Robbery+

Brooklyn +Bank Robbery+ At the Independence Bank on East 13th St and Ave J a level one mobilization has been called due to a robbery at the bank.

Crown Heights +Person Off Roof+

Crown Heights +Person Off Roof+ New York Ave between Montgomery and Crown St. a person fell off the roof of a 2 story building, Hatzolah requesting BLS units and ALS to respond.

WASHINGTON — Second Supreme Court Nominee To Be Announced

WASHINGTON -- President Bush has chosen his second nominee to the Supreme Court and will announce his pick Monday. U/D: 7:21 The President has chosen Harriet Miers, a close associate and current Whi...

Giuliani: I Will Consider Presidential Run

Giuliani Considers Presidential Run "I will be considering it next year," Giuliani said during a visit to Denmark. But he added that playing with the idea of running for the Republican nomination for...

Bigger Salaries Paid In Small School Districts Like Kiryas Yoel, Monroe

Superintend in Kiryas Yoel Monroe school district earned a higher rate of pay-per-pupil than their much larger counterparts.

Iraq – Rabbi at Yom Kippur Service Prays: Next Year, Anywhere But in Grim Baghdad

Baghdad, Iraq - As the sun set on the holiest day on the Jewish calendar Monday night, the last rabbi in Baghdad sat down for his last Yom Kippur dinner in Iraq: a piece of cake and two glasses of mil...