Monday, February 6, 2023

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Wawayanda, NY – Horses Head Found In Councilwoman’s Pool

Wawayanda, NY - Town Councilwoman Gail Soro’s husband, Ed, thought an animal had died in their pool Tuesday morning when she was about to take a swim in the family pool. There was a dark spot with di...

Israel Killed Hezbollah Commander

Israel - Israel said it killed a Hezbollah commander as well as several others during fighting in southern Lebanon. Also did, Israeli warplanes bombarded Beirut, reportedly destroying 10 buildings. ...

Wodridge, NY +Car Into Tree+

Wodridge, NY +Car Into Tree+ A motor vehicle accident on Silver Lake Road in Woodridge NY with a vehicle into a tree, Hatzolah requesting ALS to respond.

New York, NY – NYPD Acquires Portable Explosives Detection Equipment

New York, NY - The Police Department has purchased and deployed a versatile handheld explosives detector, in and around the New York City subway system. The Sabre 4000s is enabling the NYPD to no...

Jewish Security Net Increases Contact With Law Enforcement

A U.S. Jewish security network has ramped up daily communication with federal, state and local law enforcement agencies in light of Middle East fighting. Although there has been no specific threat ag...

New York, NY – Bail Denied For Mafia Cops Who Killed Jewish Jeweler

New York, NY - A pair of NYPD detectives, bidding for freedom just weeks after their convictions for facilitating eight mob murders, were overturned, were instead sent back to prison Tuesday. Louis ...

Israel – Zaka Requesting Government Assistance

Israel - The Charedi aid organization Zaka requested government assistance, despite its traditional reticence from doing so, due to the extent of the demand for food and care the volunteer group is ha...

Israel – The Dance Between The Tanks On The Israeli-Lebanese Border

Israel - On the Israeli-Lebanese border, Uriel Kramer is in uniform, trying to defend the region from Hezbollah's rockets. "If they're shooting Katyushas, we are going to be here," Kramer, 35, says. "...

Brooklyn, NY – Private Investigator Accused Of Impersonating FBI Agent

Brooklyn, NY - A private investigator was charged with intimidating a witness by impersonating an FBI agent. Steve Rombom denied the charge at his arraignment in Manhattan federal court and was rele...

Borough Park, Brooklyn, NY – Office Burglar Busted

Borough Park, Brooklyn, NY - Police have busted a Boro Park man after breaking into an office.   Joel Cuttman, 22, of 1726 59th Street., was arrested after burglarizing a workplace at 5822 16th Aven...

Prague – Bosnian Jews Up In Arms About Restitution Law That Favors Muslims

Prague - Jewish groups are troubled by a new property restitution law in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina that officially discriminates in favor of the country’s Muslims. A law passed ear...

Oslo, Norway – Norwegian Jews Urged To Lie Low

Oslo, Norway - Jews in Norway were advised to keep a low profile for their own safety. The Mosaic Religious Community, which represents Jewish interests in Norway, advised the country’s approximate...

Brooklyn, NY +Motorcycle Accident+

Brooklyn, NY +Motorcycle Accident+ A motor vehicle accident with a motorcycle that is down in front of 3195 Bedford Avenue between Avenue's "J" and "K" Hatzolah responding..

Jerusalem, Israel – Police Arrest Jerusalem Arab For Stabbing of Yeshiva Student

Jerusalem, Israel - Police arrested an Arab resident suspected of stabbing a yeshiva students ten days ago. The student was stabbed while walking on Rechov H'Neviim Street between Road #1 and Shaar S...

New York, NY – Security Funds For Nonprofit’s Not Yet On The Way

New York, NY - The Department of Homeland Security says it is preparing but still hasn't solicited $25 million in anti-terrorist funding for New York City nonprofit organizations. The announcement fol...

Monticello, NY +Pedestrian Struck+

Monticello, NY +Pedestrian Struck+ A motor vehicle accident on Route 42 and Frazer Road near Har Nof with a 20-year-old pedestrian that was struck and was thrown 50 feet from the vehicle and has serio...

Israel Instructed Embassies, To Raise Level Of Awareness Throughout The World

Israel - Hizbullah sleeper terror cells set up outside Lebanon with Iranian assistance, have been put on standby, and are likely planning attacks against Jewish and Israeli targets throughout the worl...

Washington – Doctors More Likely To Recommend Anesthesia For Circumcisions

Washington - Due to a new study, doctors are more likely to use anesthesia for newborn circumcisions than they were eight years ago. At one time, doctors believed that infants were too young to exp...

New York, NY – Holocaust Survivors File Brief To Reduce Lawyer’s $4.1M Fee

New York, NY - Holocaust survivors who oppose the fee request of their attorney have proposed paying him at the rate of $200 an hour, according to a court filing. The proposal came as a federal magis...

New York – Governor Announces Housing Funds For Flooded Counties

New York - Governor George E. Pataki announced an unprecedented effort from the State’s three housing agencies – DHCR, SONYMA and AHC – to provide approximately $45 million in funding for capital proj...