Wednesday, April 24, 2024

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Israel – A ‘Kezayit’ May Be Smaller Than We Thought

Israel - Researchers from Bar-Ilan University's archeological botanics lab say they have identified the strains of olive upon which the minimal halachic requirement of matza consumption is based. And ...

Israel – R’ Ovadai Yosef: Certainly No Ban, On MBD, Shweki Chabad Concert

Exclusive VIN News Israel - In the ongoing saga of the concert-banning issue, Rabbi Ovadia Yosef has drawn a stark contrast with the Rabbonim in American who purportedly signed onto "The Big Event"...

Los Angeles, CA – Traffic Changes Headaches For Community, And Relation With Mayor

Los Angeles, CA - Pico Boulevard that has become this city’s central Jewish shopping district, is under the threat of a new city-mandated traffic plan looming over the area, and now many fear that wh...

Monticello, NY – Route 17B May be Headed Toward Some Safety Improvements

Monticello, NY - New York State Route 17B between Monticello and Fosterdale may be headed toward some significant safety improvements.A State Department of Transportation study suggested several traff...

Lakewood, NJ – Lawsuit Against Homeowner for Using Condominium as Synagogue

Lakewood, NJ - Two sides in a lengthy dispute about an ad hoc synagogue in a senior community are taking the matter to court. Superior Court Judge Frank A. Buczynski Jr. in Toms River will hear the l...

London – ‘Not In My Back Yard’: Charedi Chief Fights New Eruv Plan

London - The religious leader of London’s Union of Orthodox Hebrew Congregations moved to prevent the creation of an eruv in his own back yard. Rabbi Ephraim Padwa, urged the strictly Orthodox commun...

Freehold, NJ – Rabbi’s Hearing for Having House of Worship in his Home, Postponed

Freehold, NJ - Because the ordinance in question may be changed, a Zoning Board of Adjustment hearing into whether a local rabbi runs a house of worship in his home was adjourned last night, said Zoni...

Salem, OR – Swastikas Drawn on Only Jewish Temple

Salem, OR - Swastikas drawn with permanent marker were found on Salem's only Jewish temple.The office manager of Temple Beth Sholom in South Salem at 1274 Cunningham Lane S. found the swastikas o...

Richmond, VA – Jewish Resident Wins Change To Softball Policy

Richmond, VA - Caroline County is changing its recreational softball league policy after a Jewish resident was told he couldn't join because he didn't attend a church in the county. Richa...

London – Judge Told Charity to Repay Rabbi ?322k

London - A Rabbi has won a High Court claim to be repaid more than £322,000 by a Orthodox charity which he says was intended as a loan, not a gift. Rabbi Moshe Meisels, had sued supporters of th...

Belarus – Vandal of Jewish Cemetery Brought to Justice

Belarus - Since at least the mid-1990s, dozens of recorded incidents of vandalism against Jewish cemeteries, synagogues, Holocaust memorials and community centers took place in Belarus, none of which ...

Israel – Supreme Court: Child Must Go Back to Non-Jewish Father in Belgium

Israel - The Supreme Court came to a decision that an eight-year-old boy who has been living in Israel for the past two years and is being raised by his mother in an ultra-Orthodox community must retu...

Chicago, IL – Loyola Student Killed While Crossing the Street

Chicago, IL - Miriam Benezra, 21, of Skokie was crossing the street near Devon and Sheridan when a Mercedes going south on Sheridan Road hit her pushing her into the northbound lanes where she then wa...

New York – Handbook For Erev Pesach That Falls on Shabbos

New York - A Handbook For Erev Pesach That Falls Out on Shabbos, Please see the attached PDF file. It was written in memory of Rabbi Eli Teitelbaum Z"L. Erev Pesach Handbook.pdf

Queens, NY +Pedestrian Struck+

Queens, NY +Pedestrian Struck+ A motor vehicle accident with a pedestrian that was struck on Main Street and 72nd Avenue, Hatzolah responding BLS and also requesting Medics to respond to the scene.

New York – Hangers Could Be To Blame For Rising Dry Cleaning Prices

New York - The dry cleaning business is always busy, and the wire hanger might be the most important part of the trade. 99 percent of what cleaners produce and send out goes out on a hanger, But now...

Washington – State Department: Carter Should Not Meet Hamas Chief

Washington - The U.S. State Department said on Thursday it had advised ex-President Jimmy Carter against meeting the leader of Hamas in Syria next week, saying it went against U.S. policy of isolating...

New York – Revolutionary Technology Will Allow You To Send A Smell Via Txt Message

New York - NTT Communications has revealed a new phone which will add smell to the already substantial audio and visual experience on your handset. The new smelly cell phone will allow people to smell...

South Hampton Britain- + Israelis Arrested In Largest Hashish Drug Bust+

South Hampton, Britain - 3 Israelis have been arrested in what authorities call the largest Hashish drug operation in the world. the drugs where purchased in Morocco, and was transferred on Private s...

Danbury, CT – Federal Prison Inmate Sues to Lift Limits on Passover Foods

Danbury, CT - An inmate at the federal prison for women in Danbury is suing the prison over limits placed on items Jewish prisoners can buy for Passover.Agnes Kole wants prison officials to allow the ...