Wednesday, October 5, 2022

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Orange County +Weather Related Incidents+

Orange County +Weather Related Incidents+ Weather Advisory, over 100 incidents county wide for trees and wires that are down on roadways, traffic slow through out the county due to snow/ice storm.Nort...

New Rochelle – Synagogue Wins Court Cases

New Rochelle - Young Israel of New Rochelle's plan for a larger synagogue has received a series of victories from a state appellate court, which upheld decisions by the city's planning and zoning boar...

Rockland +Palisades Traffic Alert+

Rockland +Palisades Traffic Alert+ A serious motor vehicle accident on the southbound of the Palisades Interstate Parkway north of the NY-NJ state line with a SUV into a tree at the center median with...

Nyack +NYS Thruway Traffic Alert+

Nyack +NYS Thruway Traffic Alert+ A fully involved car fire on the northbound of the New York State Thruway near exit 11, is causing heavey traffic in the area, use caution.

Brooklyn +Williamsburg Bridge Traffic Alert+

Brooklyn +Williamsburg Bridge Traffic Alert+ All lanes are subject to closure due to a MVA on the southbound of the Brooklyn Queens Expressway and the Williamsburg Bridge, PD on the scene.

Kiryas Yoel +Serious MVA+

Kiryas Yoel +Serious MVA+ A serious motor vehicle accident in Kiryas Yoel, Monroe on Schunemunk Road and Seven Springs Road, Hatzolah on the scene asking for additional BLS units and ALS to respond fo...

Manhattan +MVA With Horse & Carriage+

. Manhattan +MVA With Horse & Carriage+ A MVA on 9th Avenue and West 50th Street involving a horse & carriage, the horse smashed into a station wagon, 3 injuried with one aided in serious con...

Mount Kisco +Working Fire At O/M/D+

Mount Kisco, Westchester County +Working Fire At O/M/D+ One alarm working structure fire in the ductwork in building #2 of the Yeshivah Complex at Croton Lake Road M/A tankers requested and setting up...

Tuxedo +NYS Thruway Traffic Advisory+

Tuxedo +NYS Thruway Traffic Advisory+ A MVA on the New York State Thruway M/M 35.2 between 5 vehicles is causing heavy traffic delays through the area.

New York – Lottery Winning Ticket Bought In Rockland County

New York - One of five first prize winning tickets sold in the state’s Take Five drawing last Thursday was purchased in Spring Valley. Each of the five winning tickets pays $18,223.50, minus taxes. ...

Yonkers +1-Engine Plane Down+

Yonkers +1-Engine Plane Down+ A 1-engine piper plane is down in the Hudson River 3-4 miles north of the George Washington Bridge area of 23 Water Grant Street near the old Sugar Factory, with 2 victim...

Tallmansville, W. VA +Coal Mine Explosion+

Tallmansville, West VA +Coal Mine Explosion+ An underground explosion at an Upshur County coal mine has trapped 13 miners more than a mile underground, a county emergency official said. U/D: 01/03/06...

Monsey +Motor Vehicle Accident+

Monsey +Motor Vehicle Accident+ A MVA between 4 vehicles and also involving a RMP of the Town of Ramapo in front of Sport-A-Rama Ice Ring on College Road and Horton Drive, BLS and ALS of Ramapo Vallet...

NYC – Complaints Against NYPD Surged In 2005

NYC - There were over 1,000 more allegations of misconduct against the NYPD in 2005 than the year before - and over 100 more complaints that were "substantiated," Civilian Complaint Review Board stati...

Nyack +Tappan Zee Bridge Traffic Alert+

Nyack +Tappan Zee Bridge Traffic Alert+ A fully involved car fire at mid-span of the Tappan Zee Bridge northbound is causing heavy traffic delays through area, FD from Central Nyack, West Nyack, Rockl...

Brooklyn – Synagogue Broken Into Seven Times In Two Months

Brooklyn - Burglars have broken into the synagogue B'nai Yisrael of Midwood seven times in the past two months. The burglaries at the Congregation and community center began in October, said the congr...

Borough Park +Pedestrian Struck+

Borough Park +Pedestrian Struck+ A motor vehicle accident with a pedestrian that was struck at 15th Avenue and 52nd Street, Hatzolah on the scene requesting ALS to respond.

Borough Park +Motor Vehicle Accident+

Borough Park +Motor Vehicle Accident+ A MVA on New Utrecht Avenue and 45th Street with a pedestrian that was struck in serious condition, Hazolah requesting Medics with a rush, Maimonides Hospital ab...

Queens +J.F.K. Suspicious Powder+

Queens +J.F.K. Suspicious Powder+ At J.F.K. Airport Terminal 3, some suspicious white powder at the screening area, PAPD and FD Batt 51 are on the scene, ESU and Hazmat are enroute. U/D: 19:02 2 TSA ...

Manhattan +Mid-Town Tunnel Traffic Alert+

Manhattan +Mid-Town Tunnel Traffic Alert+ A MVA involving a taxi with a confirmed pin by TBTA at the entrance to the Mid-Town Tunnel Queens bound, ESU enroute.