Tuesday, November 28, 2023

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Borough Park Brooklyn, NY – 78 Year Old Credited With Saving Molested 4-Year-Old.

Borough Park, Brooklyn NY - Anne Paterna, 78, was sitting outside her Brooklyn home with her sister-in-law at dusk when she saw a 4-year-old girl wandering aimlessly down the street. "She passed us a...

Sullivan County, Wurtsboro, NY – Fire Dept. Not Licensed EMT Respond To Emergency Calls.

Sullivan County, Wurtsboro, NY - A call comes across the emergency scanner: difficulty breathing. Wurtsboro firefighters head out in the rescue truck, with oxygen and an automatic external defibrillat...

New York – NYS To Review Touro College Degrees.

New York - The New York State Education Department said that it would review the records of all people with Touro College degrees who received professional licenses or teaching certificates from the s...

Mahwah, NJ +Rt 17 Traffic Alert+

Bergen County, Mahwah, NJ +Rt 17 Traffic Alert+ A motor vehicle accident with an overturned tractor trailer on the northbound lanes of the NJ Route 17 at the exit ramp to I-287 with debris spill, emer...

Borough Park, Brooklyn, NY +Possible Abduction+

&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp 'July 17 Pinned News...

Brooklyn, NY +MVA Involving NYPD+

Brooklyn, NY +MVA Involving NYPD+ A motor vehicle accident with involving two RMP's that collided on 18th Avenue and McDonald Avenue, Hatzolah responding three ambulances to the scene, injuries a...

New York – Tainted Veggie Booty Found in New York.

New York - The state Health Department has confirmed a strain of salmonella in a some Veggie Booty snack food purchased in New York. More than 60 people, mostly small children, including 15 New York...

Sao Paulo, Brazil – Airplane Crashes Into Gas Station on Landing

Sao Paulo, Brazil - A passenger plane carrying 174 people crashed into a gas station at Sao Paulo's Congonhas airport after failing to brake in time upon landing.Air Force Command confirmed the ...

New York – NJ, NY Anti-Terrorism Officials to Track Freight Tankers.

New York - New York and New Jersey homeland security officials today announced the formation of the nation's first public-private "freight rail security partnership" with CSX Transportation, the large...

Brooklyn, NY – AG Of NY Suing ExxonMobile Over Brooklyn Spill

Brooklyn, NY - The New York Attorney General’s office announced today that it would sue ExxonMobil, the largest and most profitable petroleum company in the world, over a 57-year-old oil spill in Gree...

Monticello, NY +Route 17 Traffic Alert+

Monticello, NY +Route 17 Traffic Alert+ Traffic delays on Route 17 between Exit 107 and 108 due to a bear that's walking on the highway.

New York, NY – Easy Way to Get Directions Sent to Your Cell Phone.

Travel Alert! New York, NY - There's an easy new way to turn your cell phone into a GPS device. Dial Directions (www.dialdirections.com) All you have to do is dial(347) 328-4667 which spells out di...

Brooklyn, NY +Pedestrian Struck+

Brooklyn, NY +Pedestrian Struck+ A motor vehicle accident with a pedestrian that was struck on 65th Street and Bay Parkway, Hatzolah responding to the scene requesting Medics to respond as well

Israel – Mercantile Bank to Inaugurate “Kosher” Mutual Funds.

Israel - Israel Discount Bank subsidiary Mercantile Discount Bank is set to launch "kosher" mutual funds which will invest in companies that operate according to Jewish law (Halacha). The fund's halac...

New York, NY – 11 Years After TWA 800 Crash Fuel Tank Issues Still Linger.

New York, NY - 11 years after the center fuel tank of TWA Flight 800 caught fire, killing 230 people, the Federal Aviation Administration still does not require commercial jetliners to carry devices t...

Margate, FL – Man Charged for Stealing Fire Truck

Margate, FL - Police say they finally know who stole a city fire-rescue truck and drove it to West Palm Beach, where the $200,000 vehicle was found abandoned behind a restaurant. Yosef Huber, 31, o...

New York, NY – Mayor Bloomberg Concedes Defeat on Congestion Pricing Plan.

New York, NY - New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg declared his traffic congestion pricing plan dead on Tuesday, even as Albany leaders continued trying to make a last-ditch deal. ``Although we con...

Albany, NY – Support for Ban on Drivers Texting Renewed

Albany, NY - In the wake of a crash that killed five teens, several state lawmakers reaffirmed their support for a bill that would ban drivers from writing, sending or reading text messages on cell ph...

New York, NY – FDA Approves Faster Breast Cancer Test.

Health Alert! New York, NY - Federal regulators today approved a swift, new gene-based test that measures the spread of breast cancer into the lymph nodes, a diagnostic tool that could save thousands...

New York, NY – OpEd In NY Post Questions Funds For Religious Organizations.

New York, NY - Can you tell the difference between a youth soccer league organized by a church and a youth soccer league organized by a religious school? Neither can we - but, according to the Bloombe...