Thursday, June 8, 2023

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Orange County vs Kiryas Yoel MonDroe this week in Court.

Orange county filed suit in November to challenge the validity of Kiryas Yoel's proposed water pipeline, they are scheduled to appear before acting Supreme Court Justice Stewart Rosenwasser Wednesday ...

+Traffic Alert to the Mountains+

+Traffic Alert to the Mountains+ North Bound Palisades Parkway heavy delays Rockland County Stony Point area do to a car fire, FD on the scene. Sullivan Count, Route 17 West Bound at Exit 110 also a ...

G.W.B. +Traffic Alert+

G.W.B. Traffic Alert, NY Bound GWB upper level hase been closed now, tractor trailer lost its axle, delays are more then 2 hours in to NY

Towing Threshold for Unpaid Parking Tickets To Be Raised from $230 to $350

Under NYC Council approved measure: Towing threshold for unpaid parking tickets would be raised from $230 to $350. But now Bloomberg has to sign it. The voter-friendly bill is credited to Councilman ...

Widow of murderd diamond dealer by mob sues City.

The widow of Israel Greenwald a diamond dealer who's body was dug up in a Brooklyn garage this past April 1st, 19 years after the murder by the mob, filed a $100 million notice of claim against the ci...

Williamsburg +Suspicious Auto+

Williamsburg Suspicious Auto front of 550 Bedford Ave., Wythe Ave, Ross St. And Bedford Ave. to be closed off. ESU to respond to the scene. U/D: 21:37 All clear by ESU, all traffic to be open.

Fire at the Klozenburg Camp now

Kluzenborg CampFire 06/2005 Originally uploaded by Shloma Shamos. Woodbourne, Sullivan County at 218 FireHouse Drive a large working fire at a 3 story structure building, fire fully involved from an ...

NYS Thruway Traffic Alert

NYS Thruway all lanes South Bound of Town of Woodbury at MM 49.7 have been closed do to a double fatal MVA with very heavy delays.

Rubashkin Kosher meat plans new plant in Gordon, Nebraska.

Local Pride Co. owned by the Rubashkin family, which also owns Agriprocessors, a kosher meatpacking plant in Postville, Iowa. has bought an old packing plant in Gordon, Neb. which has been closed for ...

Brooklyn +2nd Alarf Fire+

Brooklyn +2nd Alarm Fire+ 1400 Ocean Ave and Ave J, Fire on the 2nd floor of a 6 story 250X250 MD, fire out of the windows with people trapped on the fire escape. Hatzolah transporting 2 victims and 2...

Brooklyn, +Thunder Storm Warning+

Brooklyn, +Thunder Storm Warning+ The National Weather Service has issued a warning for a line of storms with hail, and 60 MPH winds until 4:30 PM

Chortkover Cemetery being dug up by State Hospital of Ukraine

Chortkover Cemetery Originally uploaded by Shloma Shamos. A hospital in the Ukrainian city of Chortkov has dug up an the oldest Jewish cemetery existing in Chortkov dating back to the early 17th cent...

Jewish Inmate Files Suit Over Rules on Shaving

An Orthodox Jew imprisoned in the Toledo Correctional Institution prison, and is serving a life sentence for murder, accused the state of interfering with his religious practices by forcing him to sha...

Williamsburg, Brooklyn +People Ingested Halon Gas+

Williamsburg, Brooklyn +People Ingested Halon Gas+ On Broadway Ave and Boerum St. FD on scene and requesting EMS with a rush for 4-5 people who ingested halon from a system accidental activating and d...

Williamsburg +Fire Truck VS Motorcyclist+

Williamsburg Brooklyn +Fire Truck VS Motorcyclist+ A serious MVA involving a fire truck with a motorcyclist, aided pinned and in serious condition with severe leg trauma but not in likely condition, h...

NYC Snapple Promotion Gone Bad

. Snapple wanted to break some record today by having the largest popsicle ever, and decided that Union Square and 17th Street in Manhattan would be the right place to have this giant popsicle ...

One of the Potholes in our City, Managed by Bloomberg

One of the potholes in our City, managed by Bloomberg . Big hole in the street is talk of the town, not only the town, the nation. The NY Times Calls It The Grand Canyon of Potholes

Mother of Yankel Rosenbaum said: Money was not the issue.

Mother of Yankel Rosenbaum said: Money was not the issue. She said the justice her family won when the city admitted fault in her son's death was a bittersweet victory. Fay Rosenbaum, 71, said she wa...

Voting Today on MonDroe $12.9M Library

Voters will decide today if the Town of MonDroe should spend $12.9 million to build a 40,000-square-foot home for the MonDroe Free Library and Town Hall. Polling stations have been set up in two place...

Restoration of the Eldridge Street Shul

The synagogues of New York's Lower East Side The first great house of worship built in America by Eastern European Jews. How was this historic synagogue saved despite prohibitions against government f...