Tuesday, February 27, 2024

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Blooming Grove, NY – Judge Won’t Halt Voting For Village

Blooming Grove, NY - A last-ditch effort to stop Thursday's vote on the creation of a new village failed, but a landowner opposed to the election is still fighting it. "I'm disappointed and surprised,...

Gaza City, Gaza Strip – Palestinians On Plan To Recognize Israel

Gaza City, Gaza Strip - Palestinian negotiators say the rival Fatah and Hamas factions have agreed on a plan calling for implicit recognition of Israel. U/D 14:04 Hamas negotiators say a deal with ri...

Frankfort, KY – State Blocks Jewish And Journalism Web Sites For It’s Employees

Frankfort, KY - A site dedicated to Torah studys was included on a government blacklist of Internet pages blocked to state employees in an effort by administrators to boost workers' efficiency. S...

Manchester, England – Anti-Semitism Increased

Manchester, England - Anti-Semitic incidents increased by 40 percent from 2004 to 2005, the city’s police superintendent said. In an address to a synagogue in Manchester, Leor Giladi said the increas...

Monsey, NY +Serious Assault+

Monsey, NY +Serious Assault+ Male was assaulted by three Hispanic males at 4 Bluavely Road and Maple Avenue, perps fleed scene in small vehicle, Hatzolah requested.

Siberia, Russia – Synagogue Damaged by Anti-Semites

Tomsk, Russia – The city’s Great Synagogue was vandalized again by anti-Semites with anti-Semitic graffiti. “This is not the first occurrence of vandalism in our city,” said Chief Rabbi of Tomsk Le...

Ventura, CA +Suspicious Bananas Close Down Port+

Ventura, CA - Port Hueneme has been closed down because of a suspicious terrorist message. Authorities investigate a possible terrorist threat on a cargo ship that arrived at the Port Hueneme is in...

Monterey, CA +F-18 Jets Collided Midair+

Monterey, CA +F-18 Jets Collided Midair+ Two Navy F-18 jets collided midair and started a fire over the Army base at 79 Infantry Road at Fort Hunter Liggett, The jets were from Lemoore Navel Air Stati...

Montevideo, Uruguay – Holocaust Memorial Defaced

Montevideo, Uruguay - The Montevideo Holocaust memorial was vandalized several times, and the Uruguayan Jewish community denounced it. Also did the mayor of Montevideo, Ricardo Ehrlich, order city...

Brooklyn, NY – Isac Is Sporting Councilwoman Clarke In The Congressional Campaign

Brooklyn, NY - Isac called the media, to relay news from an event late yesterday of the "United Satmar" citywide organization honoring Ed Towns, at which Carl Andrews, who was also in attendance, re...

Brooklyn, NY +MVA+

Brooklyn, NY +MVA+ A motor vehicle accident on Ocean Avenue and Avenue "X" NYPD and EMS are on the scene requesting ESU to respond, Hatzolah on there way in to the scene.

Hollywood, FL – City and Synagogue Come To A Last Minute Two Million Dollar Deal

Hollywood, FL - The city of Hollywood and an Orthodox Jewish synagogue have agreed on a last-minute deal that will allow the religious group to continue to operate out of two residential houses despit...

Israel – First Time In 12 Years, That An Israeli Soldier Has Been Captured

Israel - For the first time in 12 years Palestinian militants have kidnapped an Israeli soldier, raising tenions in Israel. Corporal Gilad Shalit was kidnapped when militants attacked an army tank. I...

Brooklyn, NY – Yiddish Mama-Loshen Alive And Well

Brooklyn, NY - The former mama-loshen, or mother tongue, of Jewish New York is alive and well in Brooklyn - because of the efforts of people who love the language. People such as Amanda Miryam-Kha...

New York, NY – Eye In The Sky for the Buildings Department

New York, NY - City Buildings Department inspectors have been hitching rides on NYPD helicopters in the past five months - the better to zero in on illegal-development activities escaping ground-level...

New York, NY – Childbirth Deaths For Moms 2-1/2 Times The National Rate

New York, NY - Mothers are dying during childbirth in New York City hospitals at two and half times the national rate. The startling statistics show there were 8.9 deaths per 100,000 childbirths h...

Brooklyn, NY +Perp Search+

Brooklyn, NY +Perp Search+ NYPD of the 90th Pct are doing a perp search, K-9, Aviation and ESU Adam-8 all requested for a perp that's wanted for a burglary of a computer at Keap Street and South 3rd S...

Baghdad, Iraq – Saddam Ends Hunger Strike

Baghdad, Iraq - Saddam Hussein ended his hunger strike in the U.S.-run prison. The former Iraqi leader had refused lunch Thursday in protest at the killing of one of his lawyers by gunmen, but he ...

Brooklyn, NY +Large Fight+

Brooklyn, NY +Large Fight+ Racial fight at South 9th Street and Berry Street, NYPD on the scene for a large dispute involving Hispanics and Jewish residents of the area after an MVA between a vehicle ...

Monsey, NY – More Roadwork On Route 59

Monsey, NY - Workers for the State Department of Transportation will begin road repaving and will put down a fresh layer of asphalt on a mile-long stretch of Route 59 - between Route 306 in Monsey and...