Tuesday, May 28, 2024

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Amman, Jordan +Airplane Security Alert+

Amman, Jordan +Airplane Security Alert+ A man tried to force his way into the cockpit of a Qatari Airways flight, but the plane returned safely to Amman.

Belgrade, Serbia – Urged to Extradite Nazi Suspects

Belgrade, Serbia - Serbian authorities were urged to seek the extradition of two Croatia-born men and try them for alleged World War II atrocities against Jews, A Los Angeles-based center chief Nazi h...

Woodbury, NY +MVA with Entrapment+

Orange County, Woodbury, NY +MVA with Entrapment+ A motor vehicle accident on Route 17 at the Woodbury Toll Plaza before the New York State Thruway with a vehicle that overturned and reports of an aid...

Israel +Rockets Hitting Chaifa Suburb+

Israel +Rockets Hitting Chaifa Suburb+ Rockets hit a Haifa suburb, with casualties reported.

Borough Park, Brooklyn, NY +FD calling PD for Double Parked Vehicles+

Borough Park, Brooklyn, NY +FD calling PD for Double Parked Vehicles+ Fire Department on the scene requesting NYPD to respond to 47th Street between 12th and 13th Avenue's in the Boro Park section of ...

Minsk, Belarus – 14 Boys Celebrate Bris Mila

Minsk, Belarus - 14 boys at the Gan Israel Summer Camp near Minsk underwent the Bris Mila circumcision ceremony. The Camp staff headed by Rabbi Shneur Zalman Deutch had been explaining to the campers ...

New York – Statue of Liberty’s Crown To Stay Closed

New York - The Statue of Liberty's crown will remain closed, the National Park Service has told lawmakers, infuriating those who have fought to reopen it following the 2001 terrorist attacks. The ...

Forest Hills, Queens, NY – Burglary Pattern Hitting the Area

Forest Hills, Queens, NY - Set your burglar alarms and lock your windows and doors, Forest Hills. The 112th Precinct is investigating a burglary pattern in a small area of the neighborhood, along Mans...

Williamsburg Bridge +Closed Down+

Williamsburg Bridge +Closed Down+ A motor vehicle accident with a bicyclist that was struck and landed on the windshield of a brooklyn car service that struck him at South 4th Street and Roebling is i...

Manhattan, NY +Water Rescue+

Manhattan, NY +Water Rescue+ NYPD of the 34th Pct, Harbor Units and Aviation are all responding to the Hudson River at Dyckman Street where a female EDP jupmed off the fishing pier into the Hudson Riv...

New York, NY – HSBC Must Defend in Fraud Lawsuit

New York, NY - A federal appeals court ruled that Bank of America Corp. , HSBC Holdings Plc and Sterling Bancorp must defend against a lawsuit related to a lawyer's Ponzi scheme that defrauded Orthodo...

Perth, Australia – Tragedy When Yeshiva Bochur Is Swept Away By Wave Into Sea

Perth, Australia - A 19 year old yeshiva bochur from New York who came to Perth on an educational program to spread Torah in Western Australia, passed away earlier this afternoon after being swept to ...

Lawrence, NY +MVA+

Lawrence, NY +MVA+ A motor vehicle accident with injuries on Peninsula Blvd. and Rockaway Trnpk, multiple Hatzolah members on the scene, FD also on the scene, aided isn't pinned.

Manhattan, NY +Fire at Multiple Dwelling+

Manhattan, NY +Fire at Multiple Dwelling+ A fire seen out the windows of the 5th floor apt. of a six story 150x150 occupied multiple dwelling at 490 West 187th Street and Amstrerdam Avenue, also heavy...

Staten Island, NY +Ecological Emergency+

Staten Island, NY +Ecological Emergency+ Fire Department Marine-8 at the Great Kills Harbor near Gateway National Recreation Area, and they are requesting D.E.C. to respond with a rush to the scene, w...

Lebanon – Fresh Israeli Push Into Lebanon

Lebanon - Major incursion of armoured Israeli columns begin moving into southern Lebanon hours after the Israeli cabinet agreed to widen its ground offensive. U/D: 17:27 Israel says 15 Israeli soldie...

Israel – Rabbi Summoned to Disciplinary Court

Israel - A rabbi has been summoned to the rabbinical disciplinary court for conducting a wedding ceremony during the counting of the Omer.  The summons came after several complaints were lodged again...

Washington, DC – Some of the 11 Missing Egyptian Students Arrested

Washington, DC - FBI and U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents arrested 21-year-old Egyptian National Eslam Ibrahim Mohamed El-Dessouki in Minneapolis. El-Dessouki surrendered without incide...

Israel +Heavy Casualties In Fighting In Southern Lebanon+

Israel +Heavy Casualties In Fighting In Southern Lebanon+ Heavy casualties were reported in fighting between Israeli soldiers and Hezbollah gunmen in southern Lebanon. More than a dozen soldiers wer...

Germany – Hitler’s Attempt to Rewrite The Bible

Germany - Adolf Hitler's deranged racist hatred against the Jews had no boundaries. In his war against the Jews Hitler instructed a group of German theologians to rewrite the Bible and the Testament, ...