Tuesday, November 28, 2023

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New Windsor +When Is Motzei Shabbos+

New Windsor +When Is Motzei Shabbos+ are any Shomre Shabbos living in New Windsor? The State Human Commission is fighting a vote - if or not to build a $7 million sports complex - that would be held o...

Monticello NY +2nd-Alarm Fire+ A Bungalow Colony On Fire.

Monticello NY +2nd-Alarm Fire+ A 2nd alarm fire has been called for Safary's Bungalow Colony on Kutsher Rd and Liberty Rd. for a structure fire of several bungalows that are on fire, Town Fire Dept is...

Brooklyn +Burn Victim+

Brooklyn +Burn Victim+ 1259 East 10th St and Ave. L, a male with severe burns to his back is being transport with Hatzolah to Staten Island University Hospital.

Brooklyn +Major MVA+ with pin

Brooklyn +Major MVA+ E. 9th St. & Ave J, MVA with entrapment/pin job. FD Squad-1 units o/s putting Hurst Tool to use extricating. ESU A-6 and Hatzolah also on the scene, Rescue 2 & Sqd 1 respo...

Manhattan +Body Floating in the Hudson River+

Manhattan +Body Floating in the Hudson River+ 95th St. and Henry Hudson Parkway, now at the area of the boat basin, FD reporting they have a sighting around 86th St. PD requesting FD not to touch body...

Rockland County, Ramapo +Suspicious Package+

Rockland County, Ramapo +Suspicious Package+ At the Ramapo Police station house on route 59, a female white about 50 years old, came in with a package and said that she has an important package to dro...

Monticello, Route 42 running to Home Depot, fix-up into higher gear

Monticello – You know how bad it is if you've ever driven in the summer months along Route 42 in the Town of Thompson to Wal-Mart. You see a milelong stretch of cars going nowhere. Two state Dep...

Mayor Abraham Wieder re-elected in Kiryas Yoel MonDroe

Kiryas Yoel MonDroe -- Mayor Abraham Wieder and two allies rolled to victory at the polls yesterday, preserving their faction's monopoly on political power

Brooklyn brownsville +Officer Down+

Brooklyn +Officer Down+ Rockway & Dumont 73 Pct. officer was shot, multiple shots fired, 10-13 req. officer is being taken to Brookdale Hospital and his partner to Jamaica Hospital, req. multiple...

Forest Hills, Queens +Police Standoff+

A wild police scene right in the heart of Forest Hills Wednesday afternoon, as several people barricaded themselves inside an apartment on 107-40 Queens Blvd. A man wanted in a domestic disturbance i...

Bourgh Park Brooklyn. +Check Cashing Robbery+

Bourgh Park Brooklyn. +Check Cashing Robbery+ One perp in custody and a gun recovered after he robbed the check cashing at 13th Av. and 50th St, he was pursuit by the 66th precinct and by the Brooklyn...

Manhattan +Hazardous Substances Spill and Fire+ at Yeshiva University.

Manhattan Yeshiva University +Hazardous Substances Spill and Fire+ Amsterdam Ave. and West 183rd St. fire on the 13th floor computer room and a spill of mercury and other uknown substances that are st...

Manhattan, +East River Floater+

Manhattan, +East River Floater+ F.D.R. and Wall St. at Pier 11 (South St. Seaport) PD and ESU advising of a confirmd floating body in the East River, Harbor Units and FD have the DOA on board and brin...

Long Island man accused of pretending to be an officer with the 90th Precinct in Williamsburg Brooklyn with a BB gun in his possession.

A Long Island man is accused of pretending that he was an officer assigned to the 90th precinct in Williamsburg Brooklyn. Kendall L. Rattley, 20, of Stafford County is charged with impersonating a pol...

Voting Day! on Control of Kiryas MonDroe

Kiryas Yoel MonDroe -- Thousands of residents will stream in and out of a basement polling station from dawn until dark today to choose the leadership of their village today.

Queens NY +Explosion+ Queens Surface Bus Terminal

Queens NY +Explosion+ 128th St. and 26th Ave. at the Queens Surface Bus Terminal a confirmed explosion with a flash fire that involved the exterior of the compressed natural gas drying unit, no extens...

Mayor Bloomberg defended Police Commissioner Ray Kelly’s Program of Big Eye Watching You.

Mayor Bloomberg defended yesterday a police plan to station hundreds of surveillance cameras around the city. "It's a sad world that we need them, but they are very effective," Hizzoner said between m...

Brooklyn +Serious Construction Related Accident+

Brooklyn +Serious Construction Related Accident+ 2722 Ave. K Between E 27 and E. 28th St's Hatzolah on the scene and requesting ALS for a construction worker 22 y/o with a serious laceration to the ha...

Watergate’s Deep Throat Revealed

W. Mark Felt former number two at the FBI says that he was Watergate's Deep Throat in the early 70s, he told Vanity Fair Magazine that he is the source who leaked secrets about Nixon's Watergate cover...

Brooklyn +Suspicious Death+

Brooklyn +Suspicious Death+ East 59th St. between Ave. M and Seaview Ave. in the confines of the 69th Precinct a person M/B was found DOA inside the trunk of a 2000 Mercedes Benz car, M. E. to determi...