Tuesday, February 27, 2024

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Nebraska – Record Powerball Jackpot Winners Revealed

Lincoln, Nebraska - The winners of the record $365 million Powerball jackpot have been revealed as eight workers at a meat processing plant in Nebraska.

Brooklyn – +Animal Condition+

Brooklyn - +Animal Condition+ NYPD on the 3rd floor of 67 Eldert Street between Bushwick and Evergreen Avenue's with a large snake in an apartment, requesting ESU to respond for the removal.

Canada – New Law Passed Bans Faith-Based Arbitration

Canada - A new provincial law, Bill 27, will ban religious family arbitration. The bill prohibits all forms of binding arbitration like Rabbinical Courts, or Beit Dins acting on family matters not co...

U.N. Guard Reprimanded for Swastikas

The United Nations has reprimanded a security guard at its Manhattan headquarters for drawing swastikas on a log sheet later seen by a guard from Israel. The guard who drew the swastikas was issued a...

Williamsburg – Industry Zone On Preservationist Save List

Williamsburg - Some factory buildings of such as the Domino Sugar factory, will be named one of New York's most endangered historic treasures today by a state preservationist group, to prevent develop...

Brooklyn Businessman Admits Failing To Report Millions In Income

Newark, NJ - A Brooklyn businessman pleaded guilty to tax evasion and other charges, admitting he failed to report millions of income.    The scheme centered on businessman Abie Moskowitz, 56, from Br...

Manhattan +Floater In The Hudson River+

Manhattan +Floater In The Hudson River+ NYPD of the 24th Pct on the scene at the Hudson River near West 97th Street where they have a DOA floating in the river, ESU on the scene, Harbor Units respondi...

Orthodox Jews Greet Hamas And Their New Prime Minister

Following Hamas’ announcement of appointing Ismail Haniyeh as the new Prime Minister of its government. Rabbi Hirsch, of the Neturei Karta of the Orthodox Jewry, sent the new PM a greeting message exp...

President Bush Threatening Veto On Arab Port Deal

Air Force One - President Bush says the deal allowing an Arab company to take over six major U.S. seaports should go forward and he will veto any bill that would stop it. U/D: 02/22/06 10:29 The Whit...

Boro Park +Pedestrian Struck+

Boro Park +Pedestrian Struck+ A motor vehicle accident in Borough Park on 14th Avenue and 40th Street, Hatzolah on the scene, requesting Medics on a rush, patient is unconscious.

Israel – Suicide Bomber Near Karni Crossing

Israel - A suicide bomber exploded at the Karni crossing at the northern edge of the Gaza Strip so far no one else injured.

New York City – Try Not To Get Stopped At One Of The Bridges Or Tunnels

Arrests at the city's bridges and tunnels has jumped 700 percent since 9/11 because cops are stopping suspicious cars and trucks. As a result, MTA Bridge and Tunnels plans to open two "arrest-proces...

Albany – Pataki Transferred To Manhattan Hospital

Albany, NY - Governor George Pataki was transferred to New York Presbyterian Hospital earlier this morning, after no improvement in his condition five days after having surgery to remove a perforated ...

More E-ZPass Lanes For NY Thruway

New York - The state plans to add more E-ZPass lanes on the Thruway -- including several high-speed lanes, by the end of this summer. The Thruway Authority will add 36 new E-ZPass lanes to the highw...

Ohio Men In Alleged Plot To Attack U.S. Troops

A federal grand jury has indicted three Ohio men on terrorism charges alleging they plotted to kill U.S. and coalition military personnel in Iraq and other countries.

Israel – Kosher Mobile Phones

Partner Communications an Israeli mobile phone manufacturer want's to accommodate the Orthodox Jewish community and make a Kosher phone. Phones from Partner Communications will have text and Interne...

Kiryas Yoel +MVA With Pedestrian Struck Seriously+

Kiryas Yoel +MVA With Pedestrian Struck Seriously+ A motor vehicle accident with a pedestrian that was struck in Kiryas Joe, Monroe at Mountaiview Road and Toby Lane, Hatzolah on the scene requesting ...

MVA With Car Carrying Governor Of Connecticut

Brookefield, CT - A teenage driver hit Gov. M. Jodi Rell's car earlier this morning, but the governor was uninjured, a spokesman said. The other car drifted over the center line and basically clipped...

Iran Is Back-Pedaling But Jewish Leaders Wants Iranian President Banned From Europe

Paris - Jewish community leaders from across Europe want Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad banned from setting foot on the continent.But Iran's foreign minister insisted that his country's hard-li...

NYU College To Accommodate Housing For Jewish Students

NYU College housing officials will work to house observant Jewish students closer to the Bronfman Center for Jewish Student Life in the upcoming spring, to accommodate their weekly trips to Shabbas se...