Wednesday, April 24, 2024

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Brooklyn +Pedestrian Struck+

Brooklyn +Pedestrian Struck+ Motor Vehicle accident with a pedestrian that was struck at 62nd Street and New Utrecht Avenue, Hatzolah on the scene.

NYC Enters Second Day of Transit Strike

U/D: 13:47 Justice Theodore T. Jones has found two striking transit unions in criminal contempt and ordered them to pay fines and their leaders to appear at a contempt hearing for the walkout that has...

Boston +Plane With Landing Problem+

Boston, MA - +Plane With Landing Problem+ A Midwest Flight has returned and is currently circling Logan Airport and has declaring an emergency, and reporting problems with the landing gear problems. ...

New Orleans – Volunteers Clear Out Synagogue

New Orleans - College students start cleaning up the Beth Israel Synagogue, since Hurricane Katrina flooded it with more than 10 feet of water three months ago, and is the only New Orleans synagogue t...

Brooklyn +Bank Robbery+

Brooklyn +Bank Robbery+ PD are calling for a level one mobilization for a bank robbery at the Washington Mutual Bank at 1101 Avenue J and Coney Island Avenue, they are looking for a M/B dressed in all...

New York – Upper Level Transit Union Split Over Strike

New York - The international arm of the Transport Workers Union is stunned and angry that its Local 100, representing New York subway and bus workers, turned down a contract offer from management and ...

Germany – Ex-Nazi Acquitted In 1945 Massacres

MUNICH, Germany - A former Nazi commander was acquitted of murder in three 1945 massacres in Slovakia after a court said Monday that there was no reliable evidence he was involved in the killings. La...

Manhattan – Diamond-Grading Bribery Scandal Brewing

Federal prosecutors are gathering information about a bribery scandal at a diamond-grading laboratory in Manhattan that is known as the nation's most trusted evaluator of the quality of precious gems....

New York City’s Transit Union Announces Citywide Strike

The New York City's Transport Workers Union Local 100 President, Roger Touissant has announced that the entire NYC Transit System all 30,000 New York City transit workers are on strike effective immed...

Westchester, New Rochelle +Rock Cliff Collapse+

Westchester, New Rochelle +Rock Cliff Collapse+ At 112-116 5th Avenue a major rock cliff collapsed on to a building, Fire Department responding and EMS requested and utilities enroute.

Miami – +Plane Down+

Miami, FL - +Plane Down+ A smal sea plane with 17 sould on board has crashed off the coast of Miami Beach. Divers in the water recoverd six bodier so far. U/D: 15:49 Three boats and also divers are i...

Manhattan +Henry Hudson Pkwy Traffic Advisory+

Manhattan +Henry Hudson Pkwy Traffic Advisory+ A MVA on the noerthbound of the Henry Hudson Parkway and 96th Street with 7-8 vehicles involved has FD closing downs some lanes, and requesting PD and EM...

Williamsburg +Possible Jumper+

Williamsburg +Possible Jumper+ At the Brooklyn bound of the Williamsburg Bridge a jumper was up at the ledge, and was pulled in by workers of the bridge, ESU A-8 on the scene with the EDP in their cus...

Orange County – Affordable Housing Funds Available

The Orange County’s Affordable Housing Production Program has contributed over $10.1 million in US Department of Housing and Urban Development Program funds since 1992, and has now published a request...

I-D Theft In Rockland County Very High

Rockland County - The number of identity thefts is alarmingly high.The Rockland County Intelligence Unit say that 361 people have been victims of I-D crimes this year, and Rockland soon may rank as on...

NY State – Violent Crime On Decline

Albany, NY - New York state's crime rate dropped nearly three percent for the first six months of the year. The FBI says violent crimes dipped slightly, while there was a 5.3 decline in murder and a 3...

NYC – Limited Transit Strike Begins Against Queens Bus Lines

Two private Queens bus lines serving as many as 50,000 commuters shut down early today, as workers went on strike after contract talks their union held with the city's transit agency again proved futi...

Queens +J.F.K. Airport Suspicious Package+

Queens +J.F.K. Airport Suspicious Package+ At the Jet Blue Terminal, Terminal #5 at J.F.K. Airport, PAPD on the scene with a suspicious package, NYPD ESU and Bomb Squad are enroute to building # 269 a...

Israel – Ariel Sharon Taken To Hospital

Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon is taken to hospital in Jerusalem after suffering a minor stroke and lost consciousness while working in his office. U/D: 13:41 Prime Minister Ariel Sharon is awak...

Williamsburg – War On Metzitzah B’Peh Starting Again

New York City's Health Department decision to launch a public-information campaign warning people that the circumcision practice of Metzizah B'Peh - at a bris of a newborn boy in the jewish community ...