Saturday, April 13, 2024

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Brooklyn +Belt Parkway MVA+

Brooklyn +Belt Parkway MVA+ A 3 car MVA on the Belt Parkway eastbound near the 14th Ave exit, near the Tashlich area, Hatzolah requested.

Does Your Heart Valves Need To Be Kosher

If you have a blocked valve to the heart. and needs to be replace it with a new one that would allow the blood to freely move from the heart to the body. There are two choices, Mechanical, made of p...

Informant admits plot against NY was a hoax

Informant in Iraq admits information about a terror plot against New York subway was a hoax.

Manhattan +Suspicious Package+

Manhattan +Suspicious Package+ A confirmed suspicious package at 240 Central Park South and Columbus Circle, Bomb squad and ESU enroute PD calling for a level one mobilization, FD and EMS requested to...

Ukrainian To Ensure Free Entry To Chasidim

Kiev - The Ukrainian Government has instructed its Foreign Ministry to ensure entry permission to Chasidic pilgrims, citizens of Israel, at Borispol and Odessa airports in the period from October 1 to...

Blooming Grove — Anti-Semitism Charges By Chasidic Builders.

Blooming Grove -- A lawyer for two Chasidic businesses involved in a construction dispute with the town has filed papers suggesting anti-Semitism is to blame. A notice warning the town of an impending...

Monsey +Pedestrian Struck+

Monsey +Pedestrian Struck+ Vehicle hit a pedestrian at Route 306 and Phillips Terrace aided has serious injuries, chopper was requested but is unable to fly due to the weather, aided is going by Hatzo...

Spring Valley +RMP MVA+

Spring Valley +RMP MVA+ An MVA involving a vehicle with an RMP at 93 East Route 59, EMS requested for two aided.

Atlanta — Terrorist Act on Georgia Tech Campus

Atlanta Georgia -- Three explosive devices found in a courtyard between two Georgia Tech dormitories on the East Campus Monday were part of a "terrorist act," an Atlanta police official said. One of...

Police Announce Scaleback of Subway Security.

After four days on high alert, police announced now that they're scaling back security measures in the subways.

Queens +Van Wyck Expressway Traffic Alert+

Queens +Van Wyck Expressway Traffic Alert+ Highway PD units on the scene with 2 lanes block by a large empty cylinder that fell off a tractor trailer and is in middle of the roadway, will need a crane...

Feds Cast More Doubt On Alert For NYC Subways.

Though federal officials say there is no corrobation at this point, the City of New York still says the subway bombing threat that caused New Yorkers to be even more vigilant than usual was credible...

Williamsburg +Suspicious Package+

Williamsburg +Suspicious Package+ A suspicious back at Rodney Street and Lee Ave, on top of a soda machine, PD requesting ESU to respond. U/D:Situation under control, package was properly identified....

Council To Vote Tomorrow On Mayor’s Sunday Parking Meter Rule.

The New York City Council is set to vote tomorrow to override the mayor's veto on the Sunday parking meter rule. The council passed a bill to end Sunday parking meters. The mayor vetoed the council's...

Kiryas Yoel, Monroe Is The Issue In The Race For County Legislature In Woodbury

Woodbury - Candidate Ralph Caruso who is running against incumbent Roxanne Donnery is vying to represent this area in the county Legislature with a siege mentality, he promises to challenge the county...

Crown Heights, Students Victims Of Race Hate

A pair of boys from Oklahoma who moved to Crown Heights, Brooklyn to experience diversity, instead say they got schooled in racism and violence. They were beaten mercilessly, called "cracker" and "whi...

Kiryas Yoel, Monroe +Serious MVA+

Kiryas Yoel, Monroe +Serious MVA+ A serious accident at Bakertown Road and Israel Zupnick Drive near KJ Auto, Kiryas Yol Hatzolah on the scene requesting additional EMS from the Town of Monroe.

Queens +Aircraft Emergency+

Queens +Aircraft Emergency+ At J.F.K. Airport a plane coming in with a motor that shut off and a cracked windshield 5 people on board, emergency respond team to stand by. U/D: 19:32 Plane had a safe ...

Williamsburg, +Child Chucking+

Williamsburg, +Child Chucking+ At 94 Ross St. a child is chucking on a ring, Hatzolah requesting backup ALS units to respond with a rush.

Flatbush +Person Fell+

Flatbush +Person Fell+ Hatzolah requested for a person that fell from an unknown height at East 3rd St between U & V Ave's.