Sunday, June 23, 2024

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Route 17 +Traffic Advisory+

Chester, NY, Route 17 +Traffic Advisory+ An MVA with minor injuries on Route 17 near Chester has closed down one lane, traffic delays in the area.

NY State Thruway +Accident Traffic Alert+

Nanuet, NY State Thruway +Accident Traffic Alert+ At the NY State Thruway southbound at the Palisades Interstate Parkway exit 13 FD and Hatzolah on the scene of an overturned vehicle, but with minor i...

Passports Will Be Required For Trips To Canada

Passports have never been required for U.S. travelers to Canada, but the federal government says it will go ahead with plans to require travelers from Canada to show a passport, even if they are U.S. ...

Synagogue Fight In Uman Threatens Pilgrimage

A dispute over a Ukranian synagogue in Uman where Rabbi Nahman of Bratslav is buried - that welcomes thousands of Chasidic pilgrims from around the world each year - may impede the traditional Rosh Ha...

Monsey Boy Fall Through Synagogue Floor

A 6-year-old boy on Friday night fell about 20 feet through a hole in the floor of a synagogue at 6 Milton Place between Ellish Pkwy and Maple Avenue - where about 300 people were gathered - that poli...

Mohel Asks To Lift Ban On Oral Circumcision

Mohel asks Rockland Health Department to lift ban on oral circumcision.And the Rockland's health commissioner is awaiting the state's advice on whether to lift the order banning the Monsey Mohel from ...

City Says It Made Some Mistakes With A Builder In Brooklyn

The same Brooklyn developer that promised to build housing in Bedford Stuyvesant for teachers and then sold it as luxury condos on the open market has been moving ahead on a similar project a few bloc...

Chief Justice Rehnquist Has Died.

WASHINGTON Chief Justice William Rehnquist has died, a Supreme Court spokeswoman says.

Emotions Still Run High Between Hatzolah And NYPD, After An Emergency Call Brings So Much More Then Help

Emotions still run high after an incident between emergency medical technicians with Hatzolah, and the NY City Police.Five days later, the emotional temperature has still not cooled. After the frenzie...

Council Members Confident Of Overriding Veto on Sunday Parking Meter Use

Brooklyn -- At City Hall Council Member from Brooklyn stood with City Council Speaker in denouncing Mayor Bloomberg’s veto of the bill that eliminated parking meters on Sundays. Mayor Bloomberg can ...

Explosions Rock New Orleans.

Explosions rock the New Orleans riverfront, according to reports, although the cause of the blasts is not yet known.

Kosher Pizza in the Catskills, Saturday Night

KIAMESHA LAKE, NY, -- For young observant Jews in the Catskills, Saturday nights revolve around eating and late-night shopping.At the region's growing number of yeshivas, young Hasidic men spend the w...

Manhattan +F.D.R. Traffic Alert+

Manhattan +F.D.R. Traffic Alert+ all lanes at southbound F.D.R. at the Manhattan Bridge and one lane on the northbound to be closed due to a MVA.

Queens +G.C.P. Heavy Traffic+

Queens +G.C.P. Heavy Traffic+ ESU Adam 9 on the scene reporting a confirmed pin with multiple aided at an MVA on the Grand Central Parkway eastbound and the Clearview Expwy, very heavy traffic in the ...

Williamsburg +Level 1 at 90th Pct.+

Williamsburg +Level 1 at 90th Pct.+ The 90th Pct Housing Sergeant is calling for a level one mobilization for a poss abduction of a 8 year old hispanic by 2 black males at 165 Tenyck Walk and Graham A...


NJ +MVA+ An MVA on Route 4 Eastbound. Hatzolah requested.

Palisades Parkway +Traffic Alert+

Rockland County, Tappan NY. Palisades Parkway +Traffic Alert+ An MVA of a overturned car with ejection on the Palisades Interstate Parkway N/B at exit 5, EMS ALS and BLS to the scene, Stat Flight Air-...

Brooklyn, +MVA With Overturned+

Brooklyn, +MVA With Overturned+ 35th St and 3rd Ave MVA of an overturned vehicle with an RMP involved, EMS on location requesting Hatzolah with Medics, PD requesting ESU.

Queens +S/B Clearview Traffic Advisory+

Queens, An overturned truck on the southbound Clearview and the L.I.E. FD and PD are on the scene of the MVA involving a dump truck, requesting EMS for the injured but no pin, the truck has dumped its...