Sunday, June 23, 2024

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Woodridge +Child Fell+

Woodridge, Sullivan County, +Child Fell+ Hatzolah requesting ALS on a rush for a child that fell in Highland Park.

MonDroe at Stage-One Drought Emergency

Stage one is an honor system in which residents are asked to voluntarily conserve, but all outside watering is strictly forbidden in MonDroe except between the hours of 4 p.m. to 5 p.m. and 9 p.m. to ...

Brooklyn Battery Tunnel +Traffic Alert+

Brooklyn Battery Tunnel +Traffic Alert+ An MVA involving 3 vehicles car vs bus at the outbound of the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel, with one fatality in the cardue to a heart attack, TBTA and NYPD Highway ...

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White Lake +MVA+

White Lake +MVA+ In front of Camp Divri Yoel MVA on Route 55, Hatzolah on the scene. U/D: 11:51 Hatzolah on the scene canceling all additional units, except for the bus.

Triboro Bridge +Traffic Advisory+

Triboro Bridge +Traffic Advisory+ An MVA at the Triboro Bride Bronx and Manhattan bound is blocking some lanes, heave traffic delays expected in the area.

Kiryas Yoel, MonDroe +Structure Fire+

Kiryas Yoel, MonDroe +Structure Fire+ In a occupied multiple dwelling in a 2 story building on 18 Lizensk Blvd of Schunemunck Rd., there is a heavy working structure fire right now. KJFD and MonDre FD...

NY +Amtrak Advisory+

NY +Amtrak Advisory+ Due to the train derailment in the Bronx at Bruckner Blvd. And Longfellow, there will be no Amtrak service from Penn Station to New Haven Ct., Metro North will be honoring northbo...

Kiryas Yoel, MonDroe, Day In Court For Mistaken Car Theft.

Kiryas Yoel, MonDroe - A cop in New Windsor stopped 36-year-old father of seven from Kiryas Yoel on July 6, for making an illegal turn overlooking a no-right-on-red sign at an intersection, and soon...

Williamsburg +B.Q.E. Traffic Advisory+

Williamsburg +B.Q.E. Traffic Advisory+ PD Highway-2 on the scene with a stuck tanker truck on the Flushing entrance ramp to the B.Q.E. Westbound, heavy tow requested.

New York — Small Rally Near The United Nations.

New York -- On Monday a small rally of more than 40 Orthodox Jews stood near the United Nations building, some holding placards saying "Torah Forbids Any Jewish State", One held a placard with a Pale...

Orange County +Route 17 Traffic Alert+

Orange County +Route 17 Traffic Alert+ MVA with an overturned auto on Route 17 at exit 125, PD, FD and EMS all on the scene, ALS requested for the injured.

Woodburne +MVA 4 Corners+,

Woodburne, Sullivan County +MVA at the Four Corners+, right after the 4 corners and Route 42, Hatzolah on the scene.

Woodburne +Missing Child+

Woodburne +Missing Child+ 11 Hatzolah units and one ambulance joining the Woodburne FD for a search of a missing child. U/D: 17:24 Child has been found.

Highland, +Child Fall Victim+

Highland, Orange County +Child Fall Victim+ A 15 year old boy, fell from a tree in Stulin boy's Camp on 775 North Chadikee Lake Rd, Hatzolah on the scene, the boy is D.O.A. in the Hospital.

Tuxedo +NYS Thruway Closed Both Directions+

Tuxedo +NYS Thruway Closed Both Directions+ An MVA involving a tanker truck and multiple vehicles, that caused a large fuel spill of about 300 gallons of fuel onto the Thruway southbound at MM 35.7, n...

Ellenville +Child Burned+

Woodridge, Ulster County +Child Burned+ Hatzolah medics has an 8 month old with 2nd degree burns, the burn victim is now outside Ellenville Regional Hospital from the Belza Camp on Lake House Rd., wat...

Coney Island, +Power Outage+

Coney Island, +Power Outage+ A level one mobilization has been called again for a large power outage in the areas 27th Ave and Bath Ave. to Hallway Ave, mobilization point is at the Keyspan parking lo...

Brooklyn +B.Q.E. Traffic Alert+

Brooklyn +B.Q.E. Traffic Alert+ Fatel MVA on the B.Q.E. Westbound by Clearmont St. between Tilliry and Flushing, person was working on his vehicle on the expresway when he was hit from behind and thro...

White Lake +Burn Victim+

White Lake +Burn Victim+ Camp in White Lake Hatzolah BLS and ALS has been requested for a burn victim, Medivac to be landing at the Sullivan County International Airport at Airport Road and Route 55.