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Mrs. Esther Uhr ע”ה אסתר בת מנחם יהושיע

R' Chaim UhrHusband718-387-2101R' Dovid Yitzchok MarchBrother(Lakewood)R' Yosef MarchBrother(Williamsburg)Mrs. Ethel SalamonSister(Montreal)R' Avrom Yanky UhrSon848-525-6650Mrs. Bailu ...

Harav Chaskel (Harold) Frankel ז”ל שניאר יחזקאל בן אברהם ראובן

Friday (6/05/20)AfternoonMrs. Miriam FrankelWife917-691-7688 Zoom meeting ID; 91335172994 Password: CBY (Hours: 10:00am - 12:00pm, 2:00pm - 4:00pm, 4:00pm - 6:00pm)R' Mechel (David) FrankelBrother718-...

R` Lemel Hisch ז”ל אשר לעמיל בן דוד

Friday (6/05/20)Afternoon Hirsch FamilyFamily is sitting at 89 Francis Place, Spring Valley

R’ Nachum Hirsch ז”ל

Friday (6/05/20)AfternoonMrs. Esther HirschWife917-873-4808R' Amrom HirschSon917-202-3939 (Starting to sit shiva in Monsey Wednesday morning.)R' Chaim HirschSon718-809-9545 (Starting to sit shiva in M...

R` Mordechai Hertz ז”ל אלטר חיים מרדכי בן יצחק

R' Beri HertzBrother917-355-7134Mrs. Yutka FettmanSisterMrs. Kathy LeitmanSisterR' Yedal HertzSon917-776-5105R' Duvid HertzSon718-926-9833R` Shea HertzSon917-776-8732R` Avrumi HertzS...

R` Yosef Kadin ז”ל

Mrs. Rivka KadinWife 917-865-7616 Mrs. Rivka KadinWife917-865-7616R` Nachum KadinSon718-986-1588R` Tzvi KadinSon347-831-3501R' Effie KAdinSon347-244-6157Mrs. Esty JakobowitzDaughter917-...

Mrs. Keila Blank ע”ה קילה לוצא בת שלום הכהן

Friday (6/05/20)AfternoonR' Yehuda BlankHusband212-473-0148R' Naftuli MillerSon917-613-6455R` Shmual MillerSon718-666-8438R' Raphael MillerSon848-221-0719

Passing of Rabbi Dr. Norman Lamm

Rabbi Dr. Norman Lamm Z”L, the president emeritus of Yeshiva University has passed away. He was 92. Sadly, Rabbi Lamm lost his wife just one month ago to COVID-19.

Dr. Sidney Joel Mehl ז”ל

Wednesday (5/27/20)MorningMrs. Nancy MehlWife212-570-0839Mrs. Jackie MehlDaughter917-750-0307

R` Moshe Rosenblatt ע”ה

Thursday (5/28/20)AfternoonR' Simcha RosenblattSon917-533-1060Mrs. Ida AdlerDaughter347-782-5671

Mrs. Miriam Weinstein ז”ל מרים בת אלתר משה מנחם

Thursday (5/28/20)MorningDr. Joshua (Shia) WeinsteinSon718-851-8186R' Moishe WeinsteinSonIsrael 054-651-1350, 718-576-1570R` Shloimie WeinsteinSon718-809-1173Mrs. Sobi BeylusDaughter718-874-6654Mrs. R...

R` Dovid Lemberger ז”ל

Mrs. Elaine Oppenheim718-471-1856 Mrs. Elaine Oppenheim718-471-1856Ms. Joan LembergerSisterMrs. Leah CohenDaughter646-770-7735, Shiva hours 12pm-4pm

Mrs. Ruchel Eidlis ע”ה רחל בת יחזקאל שרגא

Thursday (5/28/20)AfternoonMrs. Tzurti GreenDaughter718-436-8943, 718-915-0649Mrs. Chaya LandauDaughter718-871-8233Mrs. Ella LofflerDaughter718-436-0541, 347-432-3033

R’ Pinchos Kalman ז”ל פנחם בן אברהם יעקב

Thursday (5/28/20)AfternoonR' Elya KalmanBrother845-641-1917R' Yosef Meir SchlesingerBrother718-851-4859

Mrs. Tamar Babayoff ע”ה תמר בת ליזא

Thursday (5/28/20)AfternoonR' Yaron BabayoffSon718-570-6604R' Rami BabayoffSon347-680-1640Mrs. Rena SandlerDaughter818-822-2947

R` Shlomo Goldbrenner ז”ל שלמה בן יעקב עליעזר

Thursday (5/28/20)AfternoonR' Chaim GoldbrennerSon4 Tracey ct. Spring Valley, ring bell, sitting on back porch. (845) 364-6439 (917) 589-6500 Until 10pmR' Nuti GoldbrennerSon914-263-7609R` Itchy ...

Harav Shmuel Hakohen Miller

Rav Shmuel Hakohen Miller was the Rosh Yeshiva at Yeshiva Gedolah Bais Yisroel

Rabbi Eliezer (Lawrence) Montrose zt”l

Today marks the Shloshim for Rabbi Montrose zt"l. Rabbi Montrose zt"l was a pillar of Torah and Chesed in Skokie for over sixty years. He was beloved by many in Skokie, Chicago and beyond. Help us per...

Petirah of Mr. Moshe Rosenblatt

We are sorry to inform you of the Petirah of Mr. Moshe Rosenblatt, father of R’ Simcha Rosenblatt, and Mrs. Ida Adler. He survived the Churban Europe with the greatest Mesiras Nefesh, and was Zoche...

R’ Hershel Huld, Founder Of Mayim Chayim Beverage Company, Succumbs To Coronavirus

NEW YORK (VINnews) — The founder of the first kosher le'mehadrin beverage company in New York has passed away in Monsey from the coronavirus at age 77. His coffin will be arriving in Israel for burial...