Harris, NY – Doctors To Exit Hospital Over Safety Breaches


    Harris, NY – Accusing Sullivan County’s only hospital of breaches in safety and patient care, a group of 62 doctors planned to stop practicing at Catskill Regional Medical Center. “There’s no doubt about it we submitted our resignations,” said Dr. Hal Teitelbaum, managing partner of Crystal Run Health Care.

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    The group comprises about one-quarter of the doctors who admit patients to the hospital.

    The doctors, part of the Crystal Run health group, say the hospital has refused to follow physician directives for diagnostic care and medications, discharged emergency room patients too soon, used obsolete equipment, followed inadequate anesthesia practices, had sloppy patient charting and failed to quickly read X-rays and CT scans, according to Steven Clark, spokesman for Crystal Run.

    Hospital chief executive Arthur Breen told county lawmakers last week the hospital would keep operating, Eggleton said. She said the not-for-profit facility is required by law to take in everyone, regardless of their insurance coverage.

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    The doctors exit the hospital citing safety breaches and stopped practicing at the Catskill Regional Hospital.

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