New York, NY – Slow Walkers Top Annoying List


    New York, NY – Individuals who walk slowly on New York sidewalks have topped a survey of the most annoying New York resident types, two Web site surveys said. Slow and oblivious sidewalk travelers were worthy of being “punched in the face,” the report said.

    “You clog our sidewalks and subway platforms. You make us late and irritable,” the site operators said online. “You ruin the morning before the day even starts.”

    “You’re going to get punched in the face. And it’s nobody’s fault but your own.”

    Nearly 29 percent of the 2,300 people surveyed by the Web site picked slow walkers as the most annoying.

    Those who operate Bluetooth machines in any New York location came in second on the list with 24 percent of the total votes.

    Individuals who bring too many items to a New York grocery store’s express line took third on the annoying list with 11 percent, the report said. No margin of error was given for the survey results.

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