Jerusalem – As Rabbis In NY Prepare New Protests, Israel Insists Graves Found At Jaffa Excavation Site Are From Pagan Worshipers


    Graves Found At Jaffa Excavation Site Jerusalem – The tombs uncovered near Andromeda Hill in Jaffa belong to pagan worshipers buried next to domesticated pigs, according to the latest findings revealed during excavation works at the site.

    For the past year, the site has become a political and religious hotspot, with ultra-Orthodox frequently protesting what they claimed was the desecration of Jewish graves.

    The demonstrations often deteriorated into physical and verbal violence, with protesters hurling stones at police officers and security forces arresting dozens of rioters.

    The excavation site has more than once been the target of vandalism, and a number of Israel Antiquities Authority officials have even received anonymous threats.

    The Authority has already stated in the past that the graves most probably do not belong to Jews – but were largely ignored. Now, with the excavation work complete, they can finally base their assertion on findings that “unequivocally prove a Pagan population lived in the area.”

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    Meanwhile Rabbis in Brooklyn NY, have called for renewed demonstrations, The Central Rabbinical Congress will be conducting This Monday, March 28 demonstrations at two locations in Manhattan, in front of the Israeli Consulate at 800 2nd Ave, and in front of Aby Rosen’s home at 5 East 80th St.

    The Central Rabbinical Congress has been conducting weekly demonstrations in front of Aby Rosen’s townhouse in upper Manhattan at 5 East 80th Street, to protest the uprooting of an ancient Jewish cemetery in Jaffa, Israel, for the purpose of building a luxury 600-million dollar hotel on the site.

    “This is a three thousand year old cemetery where the remains of thousands and thousands of our forefathers are buried,” said Rabbi Pinches Weinberg. “Now, Aby Rosen with his partner Michael Fuchs of RFR Realty are digging and desecrating these holy graves.

    “According to Judaism, which teaches the existence of life after death, digging graves is a serious sin. The entire Jewish community is outraged at this horrible behavior.

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