Rockland County, NY – Skverer Rebbe Speaks Publicly Regarding Arson Attack


    Rockland County, NY – For the first time since an 18 year old New Square man attempted to torch the house of a resident as a punishment for choosing to daven outside the village, The Skverer Rebbe, Rabbi David Twersky, has made a public statement regarding the attempted arson.

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    Rabbi Twersky’s remarks came late yesterday as he was addressing a group of bochurim who were making a siyum.

    I ask each of you to daven for a complete and speedy recovery for the victim of this attack,” said Rabbi Twersky. “Violence has never been our way. The holiday of Shavuos is a time of healing and I hope that as the holiday approaches the people in our village will be like that of the Jews at the time of the giving of the Torah ‘as one person with one heart.’”

    The Skver community is reeling following Sunday morning’s attack and Aron Rotenberg is hospitalized with third degree burns covering half of his body.

    While the Skverer Beis Din has come out condemning the attack this is the first time that Rabbi Twersky himself has spoken publicly regarding the incident.

    You can Listen to on Skver’s Kol HaTorah 845-678-8363 then 121 then 11# then 9, 6.

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