Guatemala City – Hundreds Protest Against Guatemalan President For His Support Of A Palestinian State


    A woman holds a banner during a march in support of Israel in Guatemala, City, Guatemala, on 03 October 2011. Israel awaits the decision of the United Nations on the recognition of a Palestinian state. Sign reads: God Bless Israel.  EPA/SAUL MARTINEZGuatemala City – Hundreds of Protestants marched peacefully through the streets of Guatemala City to criticize President Álvaro Colom support the creation of a Palestinian state, which could bring down a curse upon the country.

    “The statements of President Colom are a disgrace and we organize the peaceful march to express our opposition to statements by the president,” said Felipe Marroquin, one of the organizers of the protest.

    In his speech to the UN General Assembly, on September 21, Guatemalan President called for the creation of a Palestinian state, but said the issue should be resolved in negotiations between the Israelis and the Palestinians.

    The march, which drew some 300 people “is also supporting the State of Israel, because it is God’s chosen people and everyone who is against it is an accursed people,” said Marroquin.

    The activist said the leaders of the march gave a statement at the Embassy of Israel and a copy to be sent to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

    Marroquin said that the request for accession of the State of Palestine to the UN is being pressured by several countries as Venezuela and Iran.

    The march left the called Obelisk, on the southern outskirts, to travel about five miles to the historic center where he finished outside the National Palace of Culture, former seat of government.

    A man blows a horn as protesters wave Israeli national flags during a demonstration against Palestinians' U.N. bid for statehood, in Central Park in Guatemala City October 3, 2011. About 100 members of a local evangelical Christian community took part in the protest against the bid and Guatemala's President Alvaro Colom, who expressed support for the creation of a Palestinian state during his speech to the U.N. General Assembly on September 21, 2011. REUTERS/Jorge Dan Lopez

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