New Jersey – Reform Rabbis Ask Dog-Lovers To Stop Latest Craze Of ‘Bark Mitzvahs’


    New Jersey – The Associated Press released new footage of a New Jersey dog named Nicky, photographed wearing a kippah for a ceremony attended by his owner and friends.

    “I perform Bark Mitzvahs because it’s a blessing for the animals,” said Lee Day, who performed the “Bark Mitzvah” for Nicky in New Jersey. “I really believe that the animals have a right to have a party and a religion.”

    According to The Associated Press, the craze performed by members of the American Jewish community including the exchange of cards and invitations for the event, is a multi-million dollar business.

    “It’s really part of a sacred tradition,” said Rabbi Daniel Satlow, referring to the human version of the ceremony. “To imagine that a dog could do anything like this is degrading.”

    “This is nothing less than a desecration of a cherished Jewish tradition and degrades some of the central principles of Jewish life. I urge readers to reject such practices,” wrote Rabbi Charles A. Kroloff. “I enjoy a good time as much as the next person. But not at the expense of religious traditions that need strengthening, not desecrating.”

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    11 years ago

    the dog is probably more religious as the owner

    11 years ago

    Keshe’yisroel yordin yordin ad tehom yoser mhgruim shebeumos

    11 years ago

    Yarmulkas not worn adamantly by most reform Jews but reserved for the religious Orthodox Dogs !!! See above picture. Brocho sheasetee kelev!!!! Do they read the Haftorah ? Is the Kiddush Glatt Kosher bones??

    11 years ago

    Read the article and weep

    Gefilte Fish
    Gefilte Fish(@gefilte-fish)
    11 years ago

    If they’re so for equality for our 4 legged friends, did they perform a bris on the dogs as well? And I would love to hear the pshetel the dogs prepared, should be amazing.

    11 years ago

    If the reform can marry a man to a man, a dog can have a bark-mitzvah.

    11 years ago

    Sounds like a nice custom. Catholic priests bless pets and noone interferes with that.

    11 years ago

    These reform rabbonim have no sense of humor. I doubt very much an orthodox rav would really care one way or another or make a big deal about this. Many frum families treat their dogs as members of the family and worry about the hashgacha of the dog food etc. so this is a logical and natural extension of such concerns for the heilega neshama of their tyre einicle.

    11 years ago

    This is nebech how some secular Jews look like…

    11 years ago

    What a bunch of idiots. The dogs have more brains then they do.

    11 years ago

    These “rabbis” are right that it’s degrading, but why are they so surprised? They created this situation. When you strip Judaism of all that’s meaningful about it, it’s no surprise that people are going to come up with all sorts of ridiculous shenanigans in an attempt to find that missing meaning.

    11 years ago

    reform rabbis do gay marriages, that is much worse than a bark mutzva for a pet

    Reb Yid
    Reb Yid(@reb-yid)
    11 years ago

    The caption at the bottom of the video says it all–“performer”–that individual is a circus act.

    Of course, this is really less degrading to Torah than the Reform movement, so for a Reform clergyman to criticize it like like is surely an instance of the pot calling the kettle black.

    11 years ago

    Sadly this is not a Purim shpiel.

    11 years ago

    O Cmon!!!!! That’s beyond insane! Dog needs a Bark Mitzvah ur not allowed to even Touch it On Shabbat!

    11 years ago

    How do they know that the dog wants to be Jewish? Anybody who has a little feelings would know better than to impose a religion on a dog. Personally, before I buy a dog I ask him if he is willing to be circumcised, and only if he agrees will I take him home.

    Now THAT’S called being fair.

    11 years ago

    as a dog owner this whole thing is crazy people making bar mitzvahs for their dogs making birthday parties and so on.

    there are great pet but that is what they are pets not people not kids and so on.

    PS the dog could not care less all it wants to be is a dog sniff , eat a nd play yes with other dogs

    11 years ago

    If the rabbis there can do what ever they want, why can’t the people, why should he even listen to them.

    11 years ago

    Yes, the whole Judaism” by these ‘movements is a joke(remember the story of the couple that had thier horse and dog to be witness for the wdding ceremony 20 years ago?) thier ‘clergy’ whateverdidnt mind

    11 years ago

    and she is wearing a talet

    11 years ago

    So let me ask a question. There is so much outrage about the dogs once again the know nothing, do nothing yappers have only criticism. Did you ever own a dog? Were you ever cared for and loved by a dog. There are just as many dogs doing bikur cholim in hospitals as there are Frum Yidden who do it. The big difference is that dogs visit everyone, Ger, Yid, Child, Woman. It makes no difference they visit the sick – all the sick. On the otherhand our Fummies can take pride that they are racking up Mitzvah’s in G-ds eyes and that they most certainly ignore everyone who is sick and lonely in a hospital and who is not a Frum Yid. I would take a dog any day over these “erlicher yiddem”. Maybe the geniuses who made the ridiculous comments about the Landfield Shul could get together with the automaton Bikur Cholim Yidden and do something that really shows why we are a light unto nations.

    11 years ago

    So when he gets married, will they make a “ruff-ruff” for him in shul the shabbos before the chasuna?

    11 years ago


    11 years ago

    It is shame so many of the ultra orthodox have such a visceral hatred for dogs. Don’t forget dogs didn’t bark when the Yidden left Egypt. Hashem has a warm spot for dogs, and so do many Yidden.

    11 years ago

    P’NEI HADOR K’PNEI HAKELEV. We are clearly in ikvesah d’meshicha.

    11 years ago

    This is just said in folly, but- isn’t it ridiculous that the Torah says about treifos that “LeKelev Tashlichun Oso”, that treifa one should thrown to the dog, and yet the reformers are making the dogs exponents of mitzvos? Hah!! How ignorant can you get!

    11 years ago

    Some Jews are sadly almost completely forgone. This woman is beyond talking to.

    11 years ago

    Also, in terms of blessing for the animal. A high profile expert in dog care, Cesar Millan, says that most dogs have problems when their owners try to treat them as people and not as dogs in terms of parties, decorating the house in colors that overwhelm the dog’s senses, etc. This is just people being stupid about their religion, their animals, their priorities, etc.

    11 years ago

    maybe these dogs will be mekarev their owners to become religious as well

    11 years ago

    Thank Gd this is not allowed in Israel.

    Well, the ceremony is allowed, but since the dogs cannot drive themselves to the party, and it is forbidden for the boy dogs to sit with the girl dogs, it is forbidden because those bitches refuse to stay in the back of the van where they belong!

    I personally don’t understand why people mix into this as the dogs are sitting where they are voluntarily!

    11 years ago

    As we all say outside of the US

    “Only in America”