Jerusalem – Video: Official Ceremony Remembring Israels War Dead Begins At Western Wall


    Israeli soldiers stand still as a siren sounds nationwide during a ceremony marking Memorial Day at the Western Wall in Jerusalem's Old City April 14, 2013. Israel commemorates its fallen soldiers on Memorial Day, which begins Sunday night. REUTER/Baz Ratner Jerusalem – The official ceremony marking Memorial Day for the IDF’s Fallen Soldiers, in which Israel remembers and honors its 23,085 fallen soldiers, began Sunday evening at 8:00 p.m. at the Kotel.

    President Shimon Peres addressed the ceremony emphasized the importance of peace in the face of the loss of 25,578 IDF soldiers who lost their lives in Israel’s wars.

    “It is our duty not to spare any effort or price to eliminate war from the land and bring peace and security to it,” the president said. “Terror brings murder, peace brings life, to us and to our neighbors,” he added at the conclusion of a touching speech at the Western Wall plaza in Jerusalem that talked of the loss and pain experienced by bereaved families.

    “You are the true heroes of life,” the president told the bereaved families.

    He described the great immensity of their loss. “You will look at [your love one’s] friends, watch them grow up in front of your very eyes; finish their army service, get married, have children, develop a career, rise in rank. Your thoughts will wander to far off fantasy land: this is your daughter, this is your son, that will never be parents and will never rise in rank at work and will never grow old. Their faces will remain forever white as snow and the wrinkles will line your faces, but not theirs.”

    Content provided as coutrtesy of The Jerusalem Post

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    10 years ago

    So moving and beautiful. Mi Keamecha Yisroel, remembering those who gave their lives for us to live

    10 years ago

    The 23,085 figure includes not only soldiers, but civilians as well, who were killed in terrorist acts.

    10 years ago

    very moving. Alterg, or should I say alter ferd, please don;t say anything. we dont want to hear your bull$h1t.