London – Hasidic Sect Banning Female Drivers At School Defends Beliefs


    London – Hasidic schools in London that announced last week that children would be banned if driven to school by their mothers wrote a letter to Education Secretary Nicky Morgan defending their stance on the topic.

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    The schools apologized for the “unfortunate” choice of words, but stand by their decision, stating the efforts are being taken to stop the fall of religious principles and maintain traditional Hasidic values, reports the London Evening Standard (

    Morgan launched an investigation into whether the guidelines issued among the Belz community breaks equality laws.

    As previously reported by Vin News ( leaders from Belz schools sent out a letter last week stating that allowing female drivers is against the modesty rules of the sect and goes against the “norms” of general Hasidic organization, and that the increase of mothers driving their children to school has fostered resentment among other parents at the school.

    TTMH Belz Day School chief executive Ahron Klein said the comments were not meant to discriminate children or parents who drive, but that they are proud of what they believe in and won’t apologize for their beliefs.

    The leaders went on to say they are not trying to impose their lifestyle on anyone outside of the group and said members who want to drive should talk to their rabbi about it.

    Information taken from The London Evening Standard

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