Vienna – Israeli Photographer Causes Disturbance On Austrian Flight, Tells Police They Killed 6M Jews


    Vienna – An Israeli passenger on a flight from Vienna to Tel Aviv caused a disturbance and over a one-hour delay Tuesday after he refused to check-in camera equipment, and told Austrian police, “You killed six million Jews. You want to kill another one?”

    Photographer Yossi Davidov his three companions began arguing with flight attendants over taking camera equipment onto the flight, which flight attendants thought to be overweight, and wanted to check in, reports Ynet News (

    Davidov reportedly told police they didn’t like him or his companions because they are Jewish, and first told police he only spoke Hebrew and didn’t understand them, then began speaking English.

    Some of the more than 220 passengers on the flight called Davidov’s actions embarrassing.

    Davidov’s lawyer said the flight attendant was Muslim, and that she saw Davidov wearing a Jewish Star of David necklace and wanted to get “back at him” by not allowing the camera equipment on board.

    The airline said the crew offered to store the equipment in the luggage compartment, but the passengers refused.

    Davidov was charged with attacking an officer and causing a disturbance. He was released with a 100 Euro ($113) fine.

    Information taken from Ynet News

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