Brooklyn, NY – Concerned About Spread Of Measles, Chasidic Wedding Canceled


    Brooklyn, NY – A Chasidic wedding scheduled for tonight has been called off at the last minute because the groom is infected with the measles.

    One of the musicians who was hired to play at the wedding and spoke to VIN News on condition of anonymity confirmed that the family put the kibosh on the wedding which was to have taken place at the Vayoel Moshe hall in Williamsburg.

    DOH spokesperson Michael Lanza told VIN News that it did not order the wedding’s cancellation.

    Sources told VIN News that the groom is from out of town while the bride is a Williamsburg resident. Out of respect to the families and to protect their privacy, VIN News is not releasing the names of the couple.

    52 confirmed cases of measles have been reported to the DOH, originating with children who visited Israel where more than 2,000 cases have been reported as previously reported by VIN News (

    The virus, which has infected nearly 100 in Rockland County and has also hit Lakewood, has been spreading in Brooklyn through unvaccinated or under-vaccinated children, prompting the DOH to order children who reside in certain zip codes in Borough Park and Williamsburg to stay home from school until their immunizations are up to date.

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    4 years ago

    Some Amish (Pennsylvania Dutch), Mennonites, Jehovah Witnesses, some Mormons and some 7th Day Adventists also don’t get their kids vaccinated and have higher child death rates than other Americans. Now the Satmerers are in that bunch. Oy vay. What would Rambam say?

    4 years ago

    #1 Most Amish (who are Mennonites) vaccinate.

    4 years ago

    The chassan was vaccinated.

    4 years ago

    You have yidish blood on your hands. Remove this article asap.
    You are a cause of fire
    Doesn’t the family doesn’t suffer enough pain and embaracment???
    Oh, you wrote “hasidic-wedding in williamsburg” in vyoel moshe. So it’s in one of the several hundreds Veyoel moshe which exists in willimsburg so i won’t tell anyone which one.
    And tomorrow when the daily news and other oulets are going to wrote about it they won’t say “hasidic” they will say “orthodox”
    And its not enough that some politicians and institutions are blaming “us” (they don’t diffrentiate) for not vaccinating we need more such stories.
    Shame on you

    4 years ago

    Update: Wedding is back on. The spots on the chusen were from the Vyoel Moshe mikvah. A group of Yoylies dunking before him had just come from Gottliebs all-u-can-eat buffet.

    4 years ago

    They don’t need 4,000 people there, 10 men & a piece of kokosh cake & it’s mazeltov.

    4 years ago

    This doesn’t sound right.
    DOH doesn’t “cancel” weddings without taking a specified act such as a Commissioner’s Order or other legal mechanism. For there to have been such an act, there would have to be paperwork.
    This isn’t to say that DOH staff would not have recommended against the wedding but that’s not the same as an order to cancel.