Rockland County GOP Leader Vows To Re-Post Anti-Semitic Video


Rockland County – As previously reported by VIN, the GOP of Rockland County removed an inflammatory video, after it received widespread condemnation. The list of people who spoke out against the video includes NY Attorney General Letitia James, Governor Andrew Cuomo, the Republican Jewish Coalition and the Anti-Defamation League.

However, Rockland GOP chairman Lawrence Garvey has vowed to re-post the video. “The Video came down for 2 reasons: first accomplished its goal of highlighting the issues that face our county. And second, took it down because the controversy stopped adding to number one above,” said Chaiman Garvey. “The video will be back, because this conversation is important to Rockland.”

The video, called “A Storm Is Coming”, blames Orthodox Jews for the housing overdevelopment in Rockland County. It then goes on to claim that Rockland County legislator Aaron Wieder is plotting a “takeover”.

A petition has since been started to demand the resignation of GOP chairman Lawrence Garvey.

The video can be viewed in it’s entirety below.

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