VIDEO: Mrs. Rivka Gottlieb a”h Has Tragically Succumbed to the Corona-Virus


Mrs. Rivka Gottlieb a”h has tragically succumbed to the corona-virus at an unusually young age, leaving behind an orphaned household.


This tragedy has shaken us to the core! The pain is crying out from every corner!

The children have been left shattered so suddenly, bereft of their mother’s love

and warm smile. They are crying out, we want to see you… just one more time….


Her widowed husband, whose wife has passed away so suddenly, now has to fill

the role of father and mother to his young orphans and take care of all their

needs that are out of his realm.

He cannot continue working to support the family

due to these unfortunate circumstances.


Dear Brethren, let’s not wait until this young father collapses, let us share the

burden so he doesn’t have to shoulder it all on his own.

Let us show that Klal Yisroel feels his pain and is here to lend our support.

Please give your generous donation now and may Hashem protect you from every

type of illness, tragedy and disaster.

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