Report: Christian Messianics Enlist In IDF And Conduct Illegal Missionary Activities


JERUSALEM (VINnews) — A Christian missionary organization named “Nativa” has been subtly working to indoctrinate IDF soldiers and has even persuaded a number of them to convert to Christianity. The organization works via conscripts who are “messianics” and have received special training on how to speak to IDF soldiers about Christianity, according to a Channel 20 report.

The Ohr Le’Achim organization received documentation of a soldier swearing on a Bible and on a New Testament during a swearing-in ceremony in August. Ohr Le’Achim’s Rabbi Binyamin Wulkan, the director of the anti-missionary division, sent an urgent letter to IDF chief of staff Aviv Kochavi and IDF Chief Rabbi Eyal Krim asking them to address the issue.

Rabbi Wulkan referred to a pocket-size booklet which can be carried by messianic soldiers and is handed out to them by missionary organizations. The soldiers receive guidance on how to address non-religious and atheist soldiers and how to refer to religious soldiers in order to persuade them to convert.

Senior members of the army rabbinate said that “the army is a melting pot of Israeli society and must be kept free of missionary campaigns. The rabbinate is active in strengthening the spirit of IDF soldiers from all religious backgrounds. A situation in which external missionary elements are trying to infiltrate the army is unthinkable and dangerous.”

“A Jewish mother who sends her dear son to the IDF does not wish to expose him to the dangers of Christian-messianic missionary indoctrination. Moreover this activity is illegal and against express IDF orders,” says Rabbi Wulkan. He demanded that the IDF ensure that all of its commands are actively preventing such anti-Jewish and illegal activities.

The IDF spokesman responded that “the request has not yet been received by the Chief Of Staff’s office and when it will be received the office will address the request.”


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