Police Claim Security Cams At Jerusalem Entrance ‘Not Working’, Iranian Hackers Show Bombing


JERUSALEM (VINnews) — Police and security forces in Jerusalem were mystified to discover that there were no security cameras working at the entrance to Jerusalem which could aid their investigation of the deadly bombing which killed one person and injured 14 others Wednesday morning. Police were also questioning how a terror cell manufactured and placed bombs at strategic places without any advance intelligence.

The Jerusalem Municipality claimed in response that all the cameras were working but  “the city’s cameras are not directed towards bus stops, neither in Ramot or at the entrance to Jerusalem or other parts of the city. The municipality places surveillance cameras in public places such as entertainment areas and public parks to maintain the security of residents, as well as at central junctions to supervise traffic. There are no cameras directed at bus stops.”

However an Iranian hacker group named Moses Staff published footage of the bombing which apparently had been caught using satellite technology. The Iranian group somehow showed a camera which focused on the bus stop as the explosion occurred.  It was later revealed that the Iranians had hacked into a Shin Bet camera which focused on the bus stop. This is a section of the Iranian footage showing the bombing.


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Who's the idiot?
Who's the idiot?
6 months ago

Yeh right. This sounds like the NYC subway system. They allegedly never work or are not on. Same thing with the average NYPD body cam. Whenever something serious happens, the body cams are never on or working.