Rabbi Shmuley Boteach Harrassed By Arab Men Who Tell Him “Free Palestine”


FLORIDA (VINnews) — Video footage posted by Rabbi Shmuley Boteach shows him being harrassed by two Arab men, who openly displayed their hate towards him by hurling obscenities his way.

According to Rabbi Shmuley, the men originally approached him before he started filming and told him “Free Palestine.”

The full story posted by Rabbi Shmuley on social media is below.

“Two nights in a row I faced an antisemitic hate crime that nearly came to violence in a Miami Beach hotel, very near where I grew up and where my mother lives. Because the executives of the establishment have taken this matter seriously, I will not name the establishment as it is always my preference to work with venues and businesses where antisemitic incidents occur to make sure they stamp out all threats to their Jewish clients, protect them, and punish the perpetrators rather than attempt to shame the venue in question. In this case, the security was ABSOLUTELY wrong in speaking of “two sides to a story” as they watched two men – who identified themselves as “Arabic” – right in my face threatening and abusing me. Let me be clear. Every Arab and Muslim is my brother and sister, equal under the one God. We are [email protected] His children. The exception is haters like the ones you’ll witness in this video. But what I will tell you is that I show this video so you can see the eruption of antisemitism around the United States. And second so we all learn never to go underground as Jews, to God forbid stop wear our yarmulkes or Magen Davids. To the contrary, if you get attacked or threatened, call security or the police immediately but try – without endangering your life – and stand your ground. Show the antisemitic haters that you never fear them.”


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