WATCH: Video From Ill-Fated Nepal Flight Shows Passengers Moments Before Plane Crashes Into Gorge


NEW YORK (VINnews) — A number of videos documenting the tragic crash in Nepal have been released on social media, including one video taken by a passenger on the ill-fated plane flight to Kathmandu.

Another passenger, identified as one Elena Banduro, a 33-year-old Russian blogger, according to news reports, also shared a selfie with the caption “Go to Nepal” from inside the ill-fated flight. Her picture has been circulated widely on social media platforms after she was declared dead.

68 bodies have been identified in the wake of the crash and 4 more people are missing. Local authorities say the chances of finding any living survivors from the crash are “nil”.

The crash is Nepal’s deadliest since 1992, when a Pakistan International Airlines Airbus A300 crashed into a hillside near Kathmandu, killing all 167 people on board.

Videos from plane crash in Nepal, second video taken by passenger moments before the crash

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