Lakewood’s BMG to Build 600 Apartments on Nearby College Campus


LAKEWOOD (VINnews) — Beth Medrash Govoha is planning to develop 600 apartment units on 36 acres which are being purchased from the Georgian Court University campus.

According to FAA News, Lakewood’s BMG yeshiva has submitted an application for the expansion on the property, which they are currently in the process of purchasing from the neighboring school.

In March 2022, the university agreed to sell 36 acres of land to BMG. Although the property is located in the R-12 zoning district which permits only Single Family Homes on 12,000 sq feet lots, there is a loophole allowing the multi-family dwellings.

The application will reportedly be proposed as variance-free under the Township’s Planned Educational Campus ordinance, which permits a “not for profit institution of higher education that is…fully accredited and licensed… and one that offers both undergraduate and graduate degrees and is devoted to higher education and no other forms of education” to construct a campus.

According to the report, in order to qualify for the ordinance, the land and all structures must be developed only by the institution of higher education and not by or in partnership or in other arrangement with any investor group, construction company, a not for profit entity or any other third party.

In addition, the yeshiva may rent out the apartments only to their students, faculty or staff or their immediate families.

According to the submitted plans, the project will create 600 units, as well as playgrounds and a child care center. There will be 6 multi-family buildings with a playground in front of each one. There will also be a separate building for a child care center facility. In addition, new roadways will be created and existing ones improved.

The plans include more than 1,195 parking spaces, which exceeds the Township’s parking requirements for campuses, which is one per unit. 90 spaces will be Electric Vehicle Ready.

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