US and Germany to Provide Tanks to Ukraine


by Aiyal Golamsky

In a new development, first reported by the Wall Street Journal, both the United States and Germany have agreed to provide tanks to Ukraine, in its battle to regain stolen territory taken by Russia.

The M1 Abrams from the US and Germany’s  Leopard 2 are both modern, heavily-armored main battle tanks that have been used by military forces around the world.

One key difference between the two tanks is the type of gun they are equipped with. The M1 Abrams uses a 120mm smoothbore cannon, while the Leopard 2 uses a 120mm L/55 rifled cannon. Smoothbore guns are generally considered to be more accurate than rifled guns at longer ranges.

Another difference is their weight, the M1 Abrams is significantly heavier than the Leopard 2. This added weight gives the M1 Abrams more protection, but also makes it less mobile.

Additionally, the M1 Abrams uses a gas turbine engine, while the Leopard 2 uses a diesel engine. This means that the M1 Abrams is faster, but also less fuel efficient.

Overall, both tanks are highly capable and have proven themselves in combat. The choice between the two would likely depend on a country’s specific requirements and priorities, such as mobility or protection.

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