BEN SHAPIRO: ‘Pfizer Lied. If I knew what I know now, I would not have taken’ the vaccine

Ben Shapiro

FLORIDA (VINnews) — In a series of bombshell tweets, popular radio host Ben Shapiro accused Pfizer and the federal government of “lying about their stats”, and he appeared to express remorse for recommending the Covid vaccine too “broadly”, including to people who are not high-risk. He also said that had he known then what he knows now he “wouldn’t have taken it” himself.

Shapiro, a conservative podcast host and Orthodox Jew, was responding this past week to critics of his apparent reversal of position on the Covid vaccine.

One critic tweeted “Didn’t you tell everyone to get the vaccine? And called the ones who haven’t gotten it “dopes”?”

Shapiro replied, “I broadly recommended the vaxx when Pfizer and the feds were lying about their stats. As data emerged, I recommended it for the elderly and obese. I opposed vaxx mandates the whole time. My company spent millions and risked millions in fines to sue the feds to stop vaxx mandates.”


That same critic replied, “Yes that is true. But honestly you should have known they were lying. It was common sense and logic. Basic human history has proven time and time again that government and big pharma lie and manipulate every chance they get. So why blindly believe their stats?”

Shapiro did not specify which lies he was referring to, however he appeared to clarify in a later tweet that he meant the claim about the shot’s ability to reduce transmission. “I recommended the vaxx to the elderly and the obese to reduce death rates. I recommended the vaccine for people my age because we were lied to about reduction in transmissibility. That’s why I took it personally. I never recommended it for the young. My kids are not vaxxed.”

He also tweeted, “I have said on air that if I knew then what I know now, I wouldn’t have taken it.”

It is not clear why the government’s (later debunked) claim that the vaccine significantly reduced transmission of Covid would impact Shapiro’s recommendation that someone young and healthy get the vaccine. If indeed the vaccine does prevent someone who takes it from contracting Covid, there would seem to be minimal reason for young people to get vaxxed, because most people who are high-risk could get the vaccine themselves and would seemingly be safe.

In addition, it is interesting that Shapiro, who is well aware that the government is corrupt and lies an awful lot, seems to have taken its claims about the vaccine at face value.

Either way, it is clear that Shapiro regrets getting the vaccine himself, and feels remorseful for recommending it to other young healthy people. In addition, he concedes that Pfizer and “the feds” lied about the vaccine.


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