‘His Condition Fluctuates From Minute To Minute’: Prayers Continue For Rabbi Edelstein, Hospitalized In ICU


JERUSALEM (VINnews) — Tefillos continue around the clock for Rabbi Yerachmiel Gershon Ben Miriam Edelstein, who is hospitalized at the Maayanei Hayeshua ICU in Bnei Brak since the night of Shavuos.

Although the 100-year-old Rabbi Edelstein continues his regular schedule while in the hospital, his condition continues to fluctuate the whole time according to his close aides. The aides said that “the Rosh Yeshiva needs the tefillos of all of the Jewish nation and we see with our own eyes how the Tefillos are effective.

On Sunday night, there was a deterioration in the condition of Rabbi Edelstein, who is suffering from heart issues as well as pulmonary edema and high fever. The Ponovezh yeshiva stopped regular studies and conducted a public prayer for the recovery of the Rosh Yeshiva. As of Monday morning, his condition had stabilized.

The gedolim of Israel have asked the public to add two chapters of Tehillim after prayers for the speedy recovery of Rabbi Edelstein.


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