WATCH: Oliver Ferber, whose impossible decision turned into a huge Kiddush Hashem (EXCLUSIVE)


MARYLAND (VIN Podcast) — Oliver Ferber is a star cross country athlete who is also an observant Jew.

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In 2021, after choosing to become Shabbos observant while in High School, Oliver made the difficult decision to sit out a high-level championship which was scheduled for Shabbos. That massive Kiddush Hashem has had astonishing repercussions. In fact, ESPN published a film about his story.

In this riveting interview, Oliver tells his remarkable story:

What prompted him to start keeping Shabbos and kosher at such a young age?

How did his parents and friends react to his decision?

What has his journey to orthodoxy been like?

How did he find the strength to sit out such an important race?

Will he attend yeshiva?

Which aspect of Judaism is most appealing to him?

Much more.

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3 months ago

The זכות of his קידוש שם שמים is unimaginable! Rebbi Akiva hoped his whole life to be זוכה to be מקדש שם שמים. This kid did! I’m מקנא him.

Liam K. Nuj
Liam K. Nuj
3 months ago

Amazing story. Very inspiring.
Yaakov M., thank you.

Liam K. Nuj
Liam K. Nuj
3 months ago

A modern day Avraham Avinu.