POLITICAL HOCK: Why Hunter Biden’s plea bargain collapsed. Is Joe Biden’s age a problem?


NEW YORK (VIN Podcast) — Hunter Biden’s lawyers worked out a ‘sweetheart’ plea bargain deal with federal prosecutors – at least until it collapsed last Wednesday.

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Hunter, a cocaine addict, allegedly committed lots of felonies – including tax fraud, lying about drug use on a gun license application, ‘forgetting’ to file as a foreign lobbyist, and bribery.

Yet disgracefully, he was going to be absolved of all current and future charges, thanks to a bogus plea agreement with prosecutors.

Until the judge realized that she was being played like a fiddle.

PLUS: NBC News says Joe Biden’s age and repeated falling are becoming a big problem for his staffers and campaign.

Israeli judicial reform explained. Trump is getting indicted AGAIN.

A Jewish woman who bought a Hunter Biden painting has been appointed to a prestigious position in the Biden administration..what a staggering coincidence!

Yaakov M is the Charedi Sean Hannity.

His columns have been featured in Newsmax and many other sites. He’s hosted a podcast for 15 years, studied in Kollel 14 years, was a Bais Medrash Rebbi over a decade, and obtained smicha from a top Rosh Yeshiva. (Opinion do not necessarily reflect Daas Torah.) If you’re tired of boring or fake news, you will love this podcast.

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10 months ago

Biden’s have more to cover up than Trump, but they are doing a better job, or maybe the press is out to get Trump and leave the demos alone?

10 months ago

No, he wasn’t going to be “absolved of all crimes.”
Don’t overstate it.