WATCH: Aleeza Ben Shalom Tells Nissim Black Why She Felt It’s Hashem’s Will to Do a Netflix Show


(VINnews) — On a recent podcast episode, famed singer Nissim Black spoke with Aleeza Ben-Shalom, aka ‘The Jewish Matchmaker’, about matchmaking, marriage, parenting and other topics.

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Ms. Ben Shalom shared powerful advice about parenting, saying that it is important for parents to resist the urge to make decisions for their children.
“Let them make the decision but be a guide and be a support,” she said.

She added, “One of the big mistakes parents make…it is soul crushing to me, that a parent said either yes or no, and the child followed and it was the wrong answer. Let them have their free will, don’t take their will and make it your will…”

She continued, “You have to guide them enough and pray we guide them enough and that they have enough wisdom to make a good decision with guidance and support, but don’t make the decision for them.”

Black asked if she was hesitant about her Netflix program [having a negative effect on the Jewish community].

She candidly said she had “large hesitations”, and she decided that besides the obvious–pray and do tons of research–she also learned about the production company hired by Netflix, and “Indian matchmaking” which was created by the same producers.

She also insisted on having an orthodox Jewish producer on board.

And she wanted what she referred to as “G-d’s stamp of approval”.

She said in March 2021, when she made aliyah, it was during the Covid lockdowns and after she came out of quarantine, she immediately went to the Kosel. She davened and expressed her immense gratitude to Hashem for being in Israel.

Then her phone was buzzing, it was the Netflix producers saying that she was late for a meeting, she said that she was so sorry but she was busy “talking to G-d” and that came first.

They apologized for disturbing her prayers, and gave her the news that she had been chosen to star in the Netflix show.

She viewed this as a “stamp of approval” from Above, a sign that she was meant to do this and it was bashert.


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Liam K. Nuj
Liam K. Nuj
9 months ago

Was that phone call from Netflix at the Kosel a sign from Hashem to proceed with the Netflix program or was it another test from Hashem?

9 months ago

I find it funny when people call things that they want to do “signs from Heshem.” The only way to know without nevuah is what ever the halacha dictates. Anything that is a grey area is unclear and at best a rebbe or someone wiser than you can help you make the decision.

9 months ago

Everything is HaShem’s will – until its not (like when bad things happen)?. What kind of theology is this? Now Netflix is HaShem’s will?
With all the shmutz on it, too? Oy

9 months ago

And you know that because you talk directly directly to him ?
He created this world and all that’s in it that includes you and yes net ad well
Her advice seems solid