Father And Son Meet On Tank In Gaza, Pilot Contacts Son Below Him


JERUSALEM (VINnews) — The IDF troops fighting in Gaza are comprised of many different units, but there are numerous family members fighting side by side. On several occasions these relatives were able to meet in different ways on the battlefield,

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In one recent incident, a helicopter pilot called up the tank of his bemused son and told him that he was overhead. The son was surprised that his father had located him but added that he might be able to see him in action as his tank destroyed buildings nearby, and then added: What about a “love you”? The father responded: “We love you (plural) and are proud of you,” and his son said: “Love you, lets meet sometime at home.”

Father-son conversation

In another incident, a father surprised his exhausted son, waking him up as he lay on his tank. The son quickly realized who was hugging him and returned the hug warmly.

Another father and son meet in Gaza


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6 months ago

Nice tge father-son aspect. But why report the actual conversation? Why isn’t this kept between themselves? סיג לחכמה שתיקה!