Nachi Gordon Urges Community Not to Flaunt Lavish Vacations on Social Media


(VINnews) — Kudos to renowned podcaster and media figure Nachi Gordon, who has called out members of the frum community who boast about their lavish vacations on WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram, while so many people are suffering in Eretz Yisrael.

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In a Twitter post Tuesday, the founder and CEO of Meaningful Minute and the co-host of Meaningful People, pointed out the insensitivity of American Jews posting about vacations while our fellow Jews are at war. He expressed criticism of “flaunting five star vacations when chayalim are sleeping on the floor in Gaza” and people are “fighting with blood, sweat and tears in Gaza”.

Nachi made it clear that there is nothing wrong with taking a vacation, suggesting that the real issue is flaunting it and lacking proper sensitivity to the plight of so many Jewish brethren.

His tweet read: “Since when did we become so insensitive? I’ve been seeing people in our community posting their lavish vacations…

“And I can’t help but wonder: Since when did we become insensitive to our fellow Jews in Eretz Yisroel who are at war right now. Their husbands, sons (and daughters) are protecting our homeland, and are freezing in the North and fighting with blood, sweat and tears in Gaza. And we, American Jews, are flaunting five star vacations when our chayalim are sleeping on the floor in Gaza?

“Am I saying you shouldn’t go on vacation? No – not at all. Everyone should make decisions for themselves and we all need some time off. But we can be a little more sensitive to our Jewish brothers and sisters watching along from Israel.”

He concluded: “Think before you post.”

Many Rabbanim have pointed out that with Klal Yisrael currently undergoing a massive “eis tzara” (difficult period), it is crucial for those of us fortunate enough to be removed from the suffering, to be conscious of what our Jewish brothers and sisters are experiencing, and to not lead “normal lives” as if it is ‘business as usual’. Of course, people need to stay emotionally healthy, and nobody is suggesting that we should do anything too extreme, however it is very important to make certain changes and remain aware and cognizant of the immense suffering that is taking place.

Recently, Yaakov Portnoy, partner at GET PAYD, posted a “public service announcement” on Facebook against people who post lavish vacations. His (extremely valid) concern is that people who are struggling may feel additional pain by seeing others flaunt their fancy and exciting vacations.

He wrote: “PSA (hate me if you want, but I’m right) Before you post on your status/social media etc your exciting and lavish vacation, realize that someone looking/watching is struggling financially, struggling having kids, struggling with their marriage, struggling getting married. If you add to that pain even one bit, was it Really worthwhile?
Please dont whataboutism me -”


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